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Below are links to a number of photographs that illustrate some of the history of St Anne's, St Francis' and the School:

St Anne's

Interior, circa 1905 (from a Postcard donated by Mr Harry Struthers, Pulford Road, Sale).

Interior, circa 1910 to 1920

St Francis'

New Church Site at the Corner of Norris Road and Budworth Road (1959).

St Anne's School

Part of the Old School (5 April 1982), now the Church Hall.

The former School House where the Head Master used to live.  This was later occupied by the School Caretaker and then the Curate at St Anne's.  It was demolished, with much of the Old School, c. 1984.  In the doorway is the first Head Teacher, Edward Yates.


Churchwardens 1959: FS Laughton (left) and FC Tyrell (right).


Revd. John Sutton

Revd. John Sutton

Bowling Green

A meeting at the Bowling Green 1959.

The Vicarage

The Blessing of the New Vicarage on Ascension Day, 1960.