PCC - 24th May 1940

Decorations Committee:

“... Messrs. J. Faulkner & Sons Ltd. had again examined the spire ... at least twenty feet were considered as dangerous ... also read ... a report from Mr. W. Cecil Young ARIBA 19 Chapel Walks, Manchester 2”.

“... proposed that the twenty feet of the church spire which are considered dangerous should be taken down and rebuilt in accordance with the estimate of John Faulkner and Sons Ltd. ... In view of the present uncertain conditions ...amendment ... that the twenty feet of spire considered as dangerous should be taken down and the spire then sealed up with a hope of rebuilding this twenty feet at a later date ... amendment defeated ... and resolution adopted ...”. Faculty would be required.

14th June 1940 PCC

Memorial Cross:

“... had been in touch with Mrs Thwaites who had informed him that her mother was the nearest relative to the family responsible for the old memorial, but in view of the fact that her mother’s health was failing, Mrs Thwaites herself undertook to assure the chairman, that the council would be quite in order in proceeding with the new memorial cross”.

Dedication of Memorial Cross:

Sun. 16th June 1940, “... it might be necessary to remove the gilt from the panel behind the cross ...”.

Bell Ringer:

“... Police had now forbidden the tolling of church bells as these were to be used as a warning of the landing of parachute troops ... bell ringer ... upkeep of the church grounds”.

PCC - 13th September 1940


“... Messrs. Faulkner had reported that the stone of which the gargoyles round the spire are made is now devoid of all nature and likely to crumble at the slightest touch. They were, of course, quite prepared to replace without cost the gargoyle which had been damaged during the repairs, but felt it their duty to point out that the three remaining gargoyles were dangerous and suggested they were either removed and the stone work faced up on the spire - or - alternatively, replaced entirely. Messrs. Faulkner were quite willing to remove the gargoyles and face up the stonework free of charge, but pointed and that the cost of new gargoyles would be approximately £50 each ... no faculty would be necessary for this renovation ... not a matter to be decided upon without due thought and consideration for the architecture of the church in general ... subcommittee ... formed to investigate the matter ...”.

Minute Book - 1940 to 1949

The following extracts are taken from the St Anne's Church, Sale, 'Minute Book' - and give details of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) between 1940 and 1949.

19th April 1940 PCC


Mr. Russell tendered his resignation - six years in office. Miss E. Kenworthy elected as Hon. Secretary.


“... suggested that the steeple ought to be the first consideration when dealing with the matter of decorations and ... it was resolved that Messrs. Faulkner should be approached again regarding the safety of the steeple.”

Interior Decorations

“... church should be decorated ...”. Unanimously resolved.

Choir Equipment

“... matter of choir equipment should be considered when dealing with the interior decorations of the church ... Mr. Bird co-opted”.

Blackout material

“... utilise 9 yards of the blackout material purchased for the church, for one of the Day School windows ...”.

24th May 1940 PCC


“... require about £300 to meet the current expenses ... for the ensuring year, and a further £200 for repairs to the spire ... garden party should be held instead of the usual Free-will Offering Sunday, and a trading scheme should be commenced to take the place of the sale of work ... idea of this trading scheme was that the wardens should loan to members of the Parish, a certain sum of money and ask them to either double or treble this amount by the making and selling of various articles, the wardens to have full rights to enquire into the nature of any scheme before loaning the necessary money. A Gift Day would then be held in Church to which all monies thus obtained should be brought”. Carried.

Garden Party

July 13th

Decorations Committee

“... Messrs. J. Faulkner & Sons Ltd. had again examined the spire ... at least twenty feet were considered as dangerous ... also read ... a report from Mr. W. Cecil Young ARIBA 19 Chapel Walks, Manchester 2”.

“... proposed that the twenty feet of the church spire which are considered dangerous should be taken down and rebuilt in accordance with the estimate of John Faulkner and Sons Ltd. ... In view of the present uncertain conditions ...amendment ... that the twenty feet of spire considered as dangerous should be taken down and the spire then sealed up with a hope of rebuilding this twenty feet at a later date ... amendment defeated ... and resolution adopted ...”. Faculty would be required.

Memorial Cross

“... Miss Lowe had offered a brass cross as a memorial to her sister, to replace the present gilded wooden cross above the communion table.

“... resolved that the brass cross, inscribed with the words “IN MEMORY OF FLORENCE MARRY LOWE 1939” - offered by Miss Lowe, “Greenheys”, Albert Road, Sale ... be accepted and placed above the communion table in place of the present gilded wooden cross which shall be burned.

“... suggestion had been made by the Decorations Committee for an alteration to the reredos and altar and it was considered likely that the present wooden cross formed part of the old memorial ... resolved that an endeavour should be made to get in touch with the family responsible for the old memorial and acquaint them of the facts regarding the new brass cross.”

Postponement of Decorations

“In view of the present uncertain conditions ... resolved that the decorations to the church should be left over until a more favourable time”.

National Day of Prayer

May 26th.

Rev. G. Niblock

“... would be leaving Sale at the end of May to take charge of the Parish of Lymm for the duration of the War …”.

War Refugees

“... a number of refugees would be coming to Sale .... appeal should be made for volunteers to serve on committees set up to look after them”.


to Mr. W. Cecil Young, “... letter of thanks”.

Choir Equipment

“... a number of the existing music books of the choir could be taken to pieces and re-assembled into as many complete copies as possible ...”.

14th June 1940 PCC

Memorial Cross

“... had been in touch with Mrs Thwaites who had informed him that her mother was the nearest relative to the family responsible for the old memorial, but in view of the fact that her mother’s health was failing, Mrs Thwaites herself undertook to assure the chairman, that the council would be quite in order in proceeding with the new memorial cross”.

Convocation’s Report on Baptism

“... to be a general tightening up in the attitude taken today regarding Baptism ...

“... each Church who should form a Guild of Sponsors who work communicants in that church, and who would be willing to stand as God-Parents in case of need ...


“... that more Baptisms should be held in the presence of a congregation ...

“... a letter should be sent to the parents prior to the child’s baptism, drawing attention to the responsibility of the vows ...

“... serious consideration of this report ... some of the main points ... should be inserted in the Parish Magazine”.

Ruri-decanal Conference

Vicar had been appointed to the ‘Benefices Augmentation Com. and Clergy Houses Dilapidations Com.’.
Rural Dean had retired.
The Bishop gave an inspiring address.

Dedication of Memorial Cross

Sun. 16th June 1940, “... it might be necessary to remove the gilt from the panel behind the cross ...”.

Garden Party

“An American Tea and Garden Party”

“... Mr Gordon Smith had agreed to act as opener and had also offered to give the garden party a fortnight's advertisement on the screen of the Warwick Cinema ...

“... advert should be inserted in the “Pioneer” ...”.

Bell Ringer

“... Police had now forbidden the tolling of church bells as these were to be used as a warning of the landing of parachute troops ... bell ringer ... upkeep of the church grounds”.

19th July 1940 PCC

Choir Music Books

“... no charge for the re-binding of the choir music books ... letter of thanks ... to Mrs Grimshaw ...”.

Memorial Cross

“... arranging for the fixing of a small spot light for the cross ...”.

The Church’s Effort

“... Bishop was very anxious that every possible advantage should be taken off the present day situation to footer the fellowship of the church ... people of the early church used to meet together in small groups to discuss matters of religious interest ...”.


“... twenty feet of spire had been taken down and rebuilt. The builders had suggested that the mastic should be extended to the base of the spire to prevent any further damage and also that the piece of broken stone on the south side of the spire should be replaced ... height of the spire had been reduced one foot as agreed ... the builders had not found it necessary to put in any new oak beams nor a new length of spindle, as a successful joint could be made”.

Trading Scheme (“Service and Social Effort”)

“... letter had been inserted in the August issue of the parish magazine ...”.

Bowling Club Card Tables

“... borrowed by the church ... minor repairs were sometimes necessary ...”.

Gestetner Duplicating Machine

“... suggestion ... received through the Missionary Branch of the Church, that a duplicating machine would be a great asset to church ...”.

13th September 1940 PCC


“... Messrs. Faulkner had reported that the stone of which the gargoyles round the spire are made is now devoid of all nature and likely to crumble at the slightest touch. They were, of course, quite prepared to replace without cost the gargoyle which had been damaged during the repairs, but felt it their duty to point out that the three remaining gargoyles were dangerous and suggested they were either removed and the stone work faced up on the spire - or - alternatively, replaced entirely. Messrs. Faulkner were quite willing to remove the gargoyles and face up the stonework free of charge, but pointed and that the cost of new gargoyles would be approximately £50 each ... no faculty would be necessary for this renovation ... not a matter to be decided upon without due thought and consideration for the architecture of the church in general ... subcommittee ... formed to investigate the matter ...”.


“... suggested that the Sunday school should be responsible for the purchase of this machine and contribute £10 towards the cost of same, the council to supply the remaining £7 ...”.

Rural Dean

“... read the report made by the Rev A Smythe ...”.

Service & Black-out

“... agreed that evensong should be held at 3pm as last year but that a short service should also be held at 6.30 pm for those people who were not able to attend ...”.

Air Raid Interruptions during Services

“... better for all concerned if the services were terminated ... adequate shelter accommodation very near to the church”.

Stained Glass Windows

“In view of the damage likely to be caused ... advice received from experts, outside shutters were no safeguard, as the section created by blast in between the shutters and the actual windows was considerably greater than on an unprotected window ... agreed that as the stained glass windows were fitted with leaded lights - one of the best protections against flying glass - nothing further could be done”.

Waifs and Strays Society


Restoration of Damaged Churches

“... rather early yet to consider such a matter ... willing to do its bit should an appeal by made ...”.


“... Council had every sympathy with the scheme, ... hardly opportune to launch such an effort ... matter should be left over for the time being at least ...”.

22nd November 1940 PCC

Spot Light for Memorial Cross

“... fixed but ... not yet satisfactory ...”.

Rev CAC Stoneman

“... at the Bishop’s request ... released to go to Holy Trinity Church, Chester. The Bishop had promised to do all possible to obtain a Deacon for Advent ...”.

The Spire

“... account for £210-18-6 had been received from Messrs. Faulkner ... estimate given two years ago was £200 ... borrowed from the CAF account but that the debit should remain in the Spire Fund until this amount was repaid to the CAF a/c ...”.

Social and Service Effort

“... winding up of this effort should not be left too near to Xmas ... Chairman ... would sit in church from 9am to 9pm to receive people’s gifts and also the fruits of their special efforts ...”.

Envelope Scheme

“... Chairman expressed a wish that the work entailed ... should not always be undertaken by the same people ...”.


Early morning celebration of Holy Communion at 9am only during the months of December and January.

30th January 1941 PCC


No suitable candidates yet.

Fire Watchers for Church

“… church … “Public Buildings” ... arrange a rota of fire watchers ... appeal had been made in church ... only response came from one lady ... further appeal ... see in the meantime the various youth organisations ...”

Doing away with Church Collections

“... Chairman outlined the following scheme ... for ... consideration ... taking of collections had become an established custom, but generally speaking, this was a very haphazard manner of attending to the finances of the church ... duty of every professing Christian in the Parish to make his or her contribution towards the upkeep of the Church ... regular worshippers ... were shouldering this burden ... Chairman suggested that Parishioners should be issued with either boxes or envelopes in which to place their collections ... collected say once a month ... every six months each person would receive a note from the Wardens indicating the amount they had contributed. Contributors would be known by a number only ... box could still be placed at the door of the Church ... in this way the expenses of church would be spread over a much wider area ... such a scheme would not include collections on special days for charity ... These would still be taken in Church as before ... should such a scheme be adopted ... would be no need for so many special efforts ... finances ... on a much more stable and business like footing ... Mr Tyrell requested ... monthly collections be brought into church and offered at the altar ... agreed. Dr Heathcote suggested that all present box holders in the CA Fund should be requested to carry on with their boxes for this scheme. Dr Hankey asked that church collections should not be withdrawn until all boxes had been distributed to the officials’ satisfaction ... resolved …

“that a circular to be drawn up to
“test the feeling of Parishioners
“towards the doing away with
“collections in church and instituting
“instead a box or envelope scheme
“to cover the expenses of the church. …”

Times of Services

“... normal times ... from the beginning of March, i.e. Evensong with the Choir at 6.30 pm instead of 3 pm”.  Agreed.

Special Days and Collections

“... Chairman ... had been wondering whether it was necessary to have separate special Sundays for both the Day School and the Sunday Schools. Mr Garner expressed a strong desire that the Church Day Schools should be brought more vividly before the eyes of the people and no opportunity should be lost in this direction ... He ... would not advocate the merging of the two ... generally shared ... no action should be taken”.

Church Appeal Fund (CAF)

“... £250 ... investing further sums, as done previously, in the Manchester & Salford Savings Bank ...”.

Resignation of Bell Ringer and Stoker

“... Mr Leslie Parry had given a month’s notice to terminate ... Mr Warrington ... quite willing to undertake these duties for the same remuneration ...”.

Church Structure

“... a beam practically over the clergy vestry had moved about two inches ... due to the recent enemy action [?] ...”.

7th February 1941 PCC

Fire Watching

“... four names had been handed in from the Alma Club and the Rovers had expressed their willingness to assist ... at a clergy meeting ... learned that many churches were including their buildings in the general fire fighting scheme of the surrounding area ... in order to do so ... had resulted from the difficulty of volunteers having to divide their time between home, office and church fire fighting schemes ...”.


“... plenty of fire fighting equipment in the schools ... advisable to have a stirrup pump and other equipment actually on the church premises and the door in Trinity Road was mentioned as the most convenient place”.

28th March 1941 PCC

Reverend JS Leather (Curate)

Fire Watching

“... a stirrup pump had been ordered ... local fire watching officials had been approached ... at least 2 fire watchers each night would be required to keep an adequate watch on the church ... neither sand nor water on the church roof ...”.

Easter Collections

Allocate to Vicar in the usual manner (passed)
be handed to the church wardens to meet the stipends of the clergy (not seconded)
be divided between the clergy (withdrawn)

Insurance of Fire Watchers

“... letter should be sent the Ecclesiastical Insurance Committee to ascertain the necessary steps to be taken to arrange for this additional cover”.

28 May 1941 PCC


Miss Kenworthy

Insurance of Church Furniture

“... church fabric was covered for insurance under the Government Scheme, the church furniture such as organ, pews, pulpit, etc. was not covered ... decided to insure ... up to £1000 to the end of September, at a cost of £15 ...”.

Fire Watching

“... 7 Rovers, 7 other volunteers, Mr & Mrs Leather & himself [Chairman] to supply a rota ... not sufficient ... impossible for him [Vicar] to carry on as chief fire watcher and organiser ... try and obtain the services of a part time fire watcher at a maximum fee of 10/- per siren over a period of 24 hrs. Failing this, a full time fire watcher would have to be obtained ...”.

Gift of 2 Altar Candlesticks

“... an offer had been made of a gift of two altar candlesticks ... bring the matter to the notice of parishioners through the magazine ...”.

Hymn Books

“... the state of the church hymn books was a disgrace ...”.

4th July 1941 PCC

Fire Watching

“... a rota had been arranged over a 28 day period, and that the system was working well ...”.

Altar Candlesticks

“... article had been inserted in the Parish Magazine ...”.



“That a special drive should be made to increase the number of members in the envelope scheme but that subscribers should not be asked to promise definite sums of money”

“... a list or plan of the areas concerned should be put in the church porch and a call made for volunteers for each section. A certain number of these volunteers could act in the capacity of District Visitors, thereby forming a valuable link between members of the congregation and the church”.

19th September 1941 PCC


“... two people ... definitely objected ... one had suggested that the matter should be thrown open for debate ... other had stated his intention of leaving the church if the gift was accepted ... in general had taken a very charitable view of the matter ... many did not feel the personal need for this addition to the altar but would not offer the slightest object if it was going to help others in the worship ...”.

“The generous offer made by two
“Parishioners of a gift of two brass
“candlesticks be accepted with best
“thanks and that the candlesticks
“be placed on the altar.

Suggestions regarding the decoration of the Church

“... bear the following suggestions in mind ... a fitting memorial after the war would be a new altar, wider, and with a different reredos. The present altar was insignificant and did not assist in the centralization of worship. The present altar and paintings could be placed in the transept at the side of the organ in the form of a small side chapel. The side aisles could be opened and pews all made to face the same way. The three pews under the pulpit and also the three under the Lectern would be removed, which would greatly add to the beauty and dignity of the Church. The Baptistry was not large enough even for one Baptism and it had been suggested that a new Baptistry could be made in the porch at the west end of the church. Hidden lighting was a further proposition worthy of consideration ...”.

23rd January 1942 PCC

Choir Boys’ Pay

Not been allowed to go carol singing ... augments their pay ...
£2-10-0/qtr ranging from 6/6 to 1/-
St Mary’s paid less, but special carol service at Christmas
St John’s slightly less than St Mary’s, but more than St Anne’s
St Paul’s …

6th March 1942 PCC

Diocesan Conference

Report on conference “Religious Education in Day Schools”
 agreed syllabus required
 religious knowledge compulsory in teacher training

Choir Boys’ Pay

Matter left in Vicar’s hands

Electoral Roll    521

Pew Holders      92

24th April 1942 PCC

Choir Boys’ Pay

Leading boys to receive more ... no sum mentioned.

Hymn Books

Gift of 20 from Rev. J Greenwood, Vicar, St Peter’s Hale.


Miss Kenworthy.

Electoral Roll Officer

Mr Tyrell to continue.

Envelope Scheme

Consider advisability of using the Duplex System for the new scheme. For example, there were a number of people giving a 1d per week to missions regularly ... thought possible that these people might like to also give a weekly contribution to church expenses as well as to outside interests ...

... generally speaking not in favour ...
... an endeavour should be made to extend the existing envelope scheme, but without asking people to promise any definite amount.

Magazine Treasurer

Death of Miss Lowe: Mr Boardman elected.

For sake of convenience ... transferred magazine account from Martins Bank to the Union Bank, Sale.

Easter Collections

Do away with giving incumbent Easter Offerings … find reimbursement in another way

 Proposal [Bird/Leigh]:
Not deviate from old method of looking upon the Easter Offerings as a gift to the incumbent.
 Amendment (1) [Dr Heathcote/]:
Council should agree to an increase of say £40 to the Vicar’s Stipend.
 Amendment (2) [Mr Hampson/Mr Tyrell]:
Actual amount of such an increase should be discussed and thoroughly gone into by a small sub-committee, to report back ... Dr Hankey, Dr Heathcote, Mr Barry, Mr Hampson, Mr Tyrell.

5th June 1942 PCC

Easter collections - Sub-committee Report

“In view of the difficulties of the general situation both National and Ecclesiastical, it is the considered view of this Committee that at present, they cannot make a definite recommendation to the Council”

Chairman suggested another sub-committee. Mr Tyrell, “... time was not opportune to make any alterations in clergy stipends. Ecclesiastical authorities were at present making a detailed survey of all clergy stipends, in an endeavour to put them on a more equitable basis ... opinion that a considerable [harm?] could be done by effecting any changes whilst such an investigation was being made ...”. Proposition Carried.

Envelope Scheme

Suggested that visiting should be limited to one area at a time, following up the clergy visits.

Diocesan Conference

Whole matter of clergy stipends was in process of reorganisation, to ensure that a living wage was received by all.

Missionary Work

Meeting in Altrincham (Bishop Tubbs)

“... the churches who were in need for themselves, were the churches who took no active part in overseas missions ... whilst PCCs might be interested, they were not actively interested in such work”.

“... read a report by Miss Hewitt [then co-opted to Council], who had been visiting all pew-holders, with a view to stimulating their interest in missionary work”.

18th September 1942 PCC

Envelope Scheme

Conway Road and Legh Road area had been canvassed and 40 new members had been obtained. Approximately 3 out of every four people canvassed had agreed to join.

Resignation of Mr Marriott

Shortly removing to Old Colwyn. Diocesan Representative for many years. School Manager … a Trustee … and pewholder since 1907.


Wish that this winter Evensong should not be changed to the afternoon, but that the usual 6.30pm full evensong should be carried on.

Sunday Tennis

Letter received from Secretary of St Anne’s Tennis Club asking for permission to play tennis on Sundays from 2.30pm until the evening. Many members were unable to play during the week, owing to present circumstances. Request was to help maintain its membership. Not granted.

Ruri-decanal Conference held 9 June 1942

Resolution passed:
“We, the members of the Bowden Ruri Decanal
Conference, are prepared to give support to
Church reform as outlined in the two books
“Men, Money and the Ministry” and “Put your
House in order”, without committing ourselves
to all the proposals mentioned in the books”.

Hymn Books

Obtain quotation for renovation.

11th December 1942 PCC

Gift Day

Raised £307-10-0 to date.

Mr Marriott

Very seriously ill.

Church Day Schools and National Society’s Report

School currently on the Dual System

• Foundation Managers, 4
• Appointed by Local Authority, 1
• Appointed by the County, 1

Schools not completely under the control of the county were termed “none provided” … at liberty to fix their syllabus for RE (3/4 hr per morning compared to ½ hr in “provided” schools) if sufficient interest to demand it.

Expenses and Appointment of Teachers

• In the hands of Managers, who also had right to dismiss any undesirable teacher or head
• Staff paid under scale operating throughout the County and are paid by the County
• Managers responsible for upkeep of building or fabric including school yard and all outbuildings
• No grant received from County
• Lighting and heating: controlled by number of times the schools are used (¼ met by Managers and ¾ by the County).

Teachers and Education Committee did not like the dual system on account of the book-keeping involved, etc. and also on account of the reservation of headships for C of E teachers.

The Archbishop had made a request that no decision regarding a suggested ‘handing over’ of Church Day Schools to Education Authorities should be made until after the Church Assembly had met. In the meantime, the National Society had drawn up a report …

• Raising of school leaving age to 15 years
• Compulsory part-time education up to 18 years
• RE in all stages of children’s education
• RE to be an optional subject for teachers in College, but not an optional extra.

Chairman … outlined National Society Report on subject of handing over to Education Authorities and become “provided” schools. Pointed out that this report had been hastily compiled and had been criticised as not being worthy of the C of E, being negative in its approach. The Church Assembly had met and had voted in favour of the church schools becoming provided schools. This decision also had been strongly criticised as it was felt that if the church lost control over the schools, a very valuable spiritual atmospheres would also be lost to the children and that in uniformity could be seen the danger of totalitarianism. Religion was caught by contact with a Christian character rather than merely taught [Cont.].

“… the Chairman should write to the local MP protesting against the closing of our Church schools as stated in the report of the National Society and suggesting that adoption of the modified Scottish scheme, in order that our schools should be County maintained, but also retain their denominational character.”

Altar Flowers

There was increasing difficulty in obtaining flowers for the altar.

Hymn Books

Renovation: 1/- for small and 1/6 for larger.

9th April 1943 PCC

Mr Marriott  Death


£315 had been raised by the appeal for repairs to the Church.

Litany Desk

Proposed that the offer of a Litany Desk by Mrs. Birchall (Lily Bank, Broad Road, Sale) in memory of her husband, should be accepted with thanks and a faculty applied for. Carried.

28th May 1943 PCC

Hymn Books and Prayer Books

100 new hymn books were on order but had not yet arrived. 200 smaller sized prayer books had already arrived.

Litany Desk

Received attention of Consistory Court on 20 June 1943. A friend of the late John Battersby has very kindly offered to give a Litany Book for the desk.


Secretary: Miss Kenworthy

Vicar’s Stipend

Chairman requested that the Vicar’s Stipend of £400 should be classified as “including rates” … saving in taxation would be possible.

Social Effort

Discussed. Mr Russell expressed that view that social events were not in keeping with the seriousness of present day affairs - Council generally expressed a wish to carry on with social side.

Parish Album

Suggested that the council should purchased a Parish Album to containing photographs etc. of particular interest to the parish. Proposed … that an album be purchased. Carried.

Trustees of the Benefice

Appointment of a new incumbent was in the hands of 5 Trustees. But in view of the fact that the majority of the Trustees now lived a considerable distance away from Sale, the Chairman had received a letter from two of the Trustees suggesting that it would now be advisable to appoint 5 new Trustees … hand over to the Dean and Chapter of the Diocese to work in collaboration with the Wardens … make further enquiries in this direction.

Church Bells

Ban on ringing of Church bells lifted. It was proposed that the ringing of the bells should be resumed for all services, as before.

“Put your House in Order”

Paper comparing in detail the needs of the church in the County and the church in the city.

Day School Lavatories

… in a deplorable state.

21st July 1943 PCC

Trustees of the Benefice

Letter received from General Diocesan Secretary, containing a strong recommendation that the Benefice of St Anne’s Parish Church should not be handed over to the Dean and Chapter, suggesting that if a change was made it should be transferred either to the Bishop or to the Patronage Board. Although such suggestions were strongly put forward, no reasons were given – the Council thought this was unsatisfactory and requested further details.

Gift of £250

… cheque … to free a pew from pew rents. Application had been made to Canon Walker, to ascertain if a grant was possible from the Benefice Augmentation Fund …

The donors had asked for some permanent record to be made of this gift …

… form of a framed parchment roll containing the names of donors [Passed]
… take the form of a tablet on the pew to be greed [Not passed]

Report on Ruri-Decanal Conference (8 June 1943)

Addressed by Archdeacon of Macclesfield on the subject of RE.

Diocesan Conference (1 June 1943, at Stockport)

Addressed by the Bishop of Chester on the theme of “Youth”.

“That this Diocese should cooperate in every way possible with Education Authorities in its work for Youth” [Passed]
“This Diocese should cooperate with the Education Authorities in every way which was in keeping with truth and order.” [Not passed]

17th November 1943 PCC

Parchment Roll

… leave until after the War … A grant of £100 to be received from the Diocese.


… still one senior trustee (Mr. Needham) to be consulted before the trust could be handed over to the Diocese … at present ill … The Diocesan Secretary had written to say his objections to the Trust being handed to the Dean and Chapter were personal ones, and could nit be stated.

China Appeal

… China hand asked for £30,000 … CMS had offered £15, 000 over a period of 5 years and the balance was to be raised by Chester over a period of 6 months … St Anne’s target would be approx. £100 …

Repairs to N Transept

… an account had been received from the Architect for £21. This, appearing to be excessive, had been questioned and as a result a fresh charge for £15-15-0 had been received …

16th December 1943 PCC


Long discussion on accounts …

13th January 1944 PCC


2nd March 1944 PCC


“… Diocese of Chester had raised £6000 … out of its target of £15000 … Bowdon Deanery had raised £8000 … target of £1200”.


Miss E Kenworthy

Finance Committee

“… special task before tem … thorough investigation of salaries, to obviate the necessity of bonuses”.

Clergy Discipline Measure

“… under the old system, once instituted … could not be removed unless he committed an act worthy of his being unfrocked. … stay in any Parish until he reached old age … Church Assembly had drawn up 3 measure …
1 … inadequate performance of duty owing to old age or disability …
2 … moving of an incumbent … personal request … for a change
3 … disciplinary measure … register complaints … no complaints regarding ritual or spiritual views …

… The Council felt that the new legislation was definitely a step forward …”.

Induction of Rev. G Niblock

“… forthcoming induction … at Thelwall …”.

Trustees to the Benefice

“… matter of the transfer was now in hand …”.

30th March 1944 PCC

Diocesan Conference

“… clergy disciplinary measures … were passed with one alteration …”.


“… Committee … were to present their recommendations … Chairman reminded the Council that the Vicar of a parish was the employer of the Curate and in the extreme event of the Council not raising sufficient money to meet the Curate’s stipend then the Vicar would have to find the balance out of his own resources … suggested … increase in Curate’s stipend be made up to 10% minimum on £27 … [£297] …

… Resolution passed last year that Vicar’s stipend of £400 inclusive of rates i.e. £370 plus £30 rates … His resent proposition was that he should pay Schedule A Income Tax on the Vicarage, (amounting to £21) out of the Vicar’s Fund … this fund was made up of monies received from Churchings and Baptismal thank offerings, and were at the disposition of the Incumbent. … personally had never taken such monies to his own personal use … used … for … general church expenses … monies were legally his own …. It was his wish to ascertain if the Council had any objection to his using such money to pay Schedule A Income Tax … borne in mind that the vicarage was the property of the parish … was bound to live in it … neighbouring parishes were in the habit of paying Schedule A … also the rates on the vicarage and not including these charges as part of the stipend …

“… Mr Russell… expressing his disapproval at the inclusion of extraneous proposals at the last minute, when the Finance Committee had already put forward their suggestions …

… [extensive discussions and disagreement]

“… council be empowered to pay the rates on St Anne’s Vicarage and that the Council raise no objections to the Vicar paying his Schedule A Income Tax on the vicarage, out of the Vicar’s Fund …”. Carried.

Curate’s Stipend

“… Rev JS Leather expressed complete satisfaction with his present stipend of £270 …

“That £15 be put towards the immediate purchase of an altar frontal or towards the freeing of a seat in church …”. Carried.

The Verger

“… suggested an increase of £4 …” Carried.

Proposed methods of increasing the regular income of the church

“… regularity should be the key not … not to absolutely rely on [sale of work etc] to balance the budget at the end of the financial year … box scheme [launch] … [extend envelope scheme].

Letter dated 17.5.44 from Mr Russell

“… resignation from the Council …”.

19th May 1944 PCC

Curate’s Stipend

“… Council … had been out of order … deal with letter received from Rev. JS Leather regarding the proposed increase in stipend … should first have gone to the Incumbent as employer of the Curate … with regret he could not agree to the suggestion made of the resolution passed in Council … wish that the matter should be left in abeyance … Mr Highley withdrew his original proposition …”

Resignation of Mr Russell

“… letter … expressing the Council’s appreciation of his past services …”

China Fund

“… amount raised … in the parish was £110 … Diocesan target of £15,000 would be passed and a total ob £18,000 to £20,000 was expected …”.

Box Scheme

“… slight delay in launching this scheme owing to an accident to the printing block … list of magazine subscribers could be taken as the first basis on which to work …”

Covenant Scheme

“… outline of this method of increasing the income of the church … giving … 7 years …” [Income Tax 10/- in the £]


“In view of the recent success … in raising of the money for the China appeal … a point had been raised as to whether or not our general approach to missions … wondering whether the Council would prefer a Missionary Committee instead of working solely through a Missionary Secretary [Miss Hewitt] … endorsed the idea …. Agreed that in future this committee be selected at the first council of the year …”.

Special Preachers

“… lack of response …”.


“… increase the insurance of the church to £20,000 viz. 1/- per £100 …”. Carried.

18th July 1944 PCC


“… Chairman … had talked this matter over with Rev JS Leather who had explained that his letter had been prompted by a feeling that there was already sufficient financial burdens on the Parish … However, if there should be any surplus at the end of the present financial year … he would be happy if the Council would put this money to the Endowment Fund or the most pressing need at the time.”

Covenant Scheme

“… only for those paying Income Tax at the rate of 10/- in the pound, and the money promised must be purely a gift. It was essential that the covenant form be used should first be approved by the commissioner of Inland Revenue at Llandudno … the agreement must be legally stamped and a return submitted by the Treasurers to the Income Tax Authorities at the end of the year … if a covenant was broken, all previous grants received … must be refunded.”


“… transfer of the trusteeship from the five Trustees originally appointed, to the Diocesan Board of patronage, and reported that the Bishop would pay all charges fro this transfer …”.

Transfer of Endowment and Repair Fund to the Chester Diocesan Board of Finance

“… the cost of this transfer would be borne by the Council unless the Bishop decided to undertake this payment …”.

Missionary Committee

“… first meeting … had been held on 22nd June … recommended that a definite percentage of church expenses calculations … say 10% … be put to Missionary Work, instead of having special collections … unless a minimum amount was fixed, there was a danger of the Missionary Fund losing by this change in policy, as a drop in church collections would automatically reduce the missionary money … report back …”.

Social Effort

“… a Military Whist Drive and teas was suggested …”.


“… suggestion from the Printer to supply envelopes for fortnightly periods instead of weekly. … detrimental to alter the system .. old unused enveloped could be utilised and redated …”

10th November 1944 PCC

Covenant Scheme

“… if a person failed to keep his covenant, the church would certainly make no further demands on them [Government] … the return would not be made by the Church and therefore no Government action would be possible”.

Missionary Committee

“… decided that 10% would be an adequate quota from church expenses collection …”.

Transfer of the Fabric Fund

“This document was duly signed …”.


“… estimated an approximate deficit of £80 … appeal fro approximately £50 on behalf of the Day School managers, to defray their portion of the cost of resurfacing the School playground. … target of the appeal £130. … County Architect would give his advice on the matter before any decision was made …”.

Return home of Service men and women

“… read … a portion of a circular letter received from the Bishop … points for consideration …

1. Formation of a Roll
2. Personal visitations
3. Reception Committees
4. Plans for the young married people
5. Formation of new organisations …

… sub-committee formed to put the necessary plans into operation …”.

Report on Ruri-Decanal Conference

“… talk given by Canon Humphries on “Training for the Ministry” and showed … comparisons between 19th and 20th Century Methods. In the 19th Century much depended on the candidates own means and there was a definite lack of theological training. The present day schemes called for more university centres, correspondence course and more concentrated training before entering the Theological College”.

Diocesan Conference

“… need for tightening up the standards of membership in the Church of England today, including such points as Baptism, God-parents, marriage, Confirmation, etc.!.

Grant to Alma (Youth) Club

“.. urgent need of a radiogram for the provision of music for many of it’s activities. An offer of a second hand … at £70. … Youth Club respectfully requested a loan of £30 from the magazine account”. Agreed.

9th February 1945 PCC


“… had proved unsuitable … therefore they had refrained from buying it”.

Resurfacing of School Yard

“… an asphalted surface would prove very unsatisfactory. The bitumen was very difficult to obtain and the resurfacing would only last a year or two at the outside. The General Diocesan Secretary had been consulted, and had recommended that the playground be flagged …”.


“Compared with last year, the cost of heating was considerably reduced. This did not mean that less fuel had been used; but large stocks had been obtained in 1943 and fresh supplies were not required until March …”.

Communion Wine

“… Communion had been made at the beginning of the War, as a result of Mr Hampson’s foresight. This had saved the church approximately £20 to £30, and there was still sufficient wine left for a least 2 to 3 years. ..”.

Magazine Account

“… 800 magazines were purchased for the year. Usually the sales totalled 750 …”.

Bank Transfer for Fabric Fund

“… prior to the transfer .. payments had previously been made by Mr Needham’s son, … paid into two Banks in Manchester viz. Lloyd’s Bank and M. & Salford Savings Bank. … more convenient if these payments could be made through a local bank. … suggested that the account at Lloyds Bank should be transferred to Barclay’s Bank Sale, and the account with the M & Salford Savings Bank be transferred from the M/cr Branch to the Sale Branch .. rate of interest from the M/cr & Salford S. Bank was more advantageous … better to transfer all …”.


“… Dr Hankey was concerned about the rather vague attitude to voting, and felt that many people used their votes indiscriminately … it would be well to remind the people that it was their duty to vote only for those whom they knew personally …”

Suggestions for New Vicarage

“… the residence next to the School House in Trinity Road, was coming up for sale … if necessary the money could be borrowed from the Q.A.B. on which interest would be charges at a rate of approximately 3-3½%. … sell the old vicarage and … offset against the purchase … might not wish to sell the present vicarage as it would certainly provided some very fine Parish Rooms. … Diocesan Surveyor should have a chance of seeing the house in question … the fact that this house was not being offered with vacant possession was in itself a definite drawback … the present vicarage was a very heavy burden on any Incumbent or his wife … purchase if the price did not rise above £600. … further discussion … purchase … if the house was not higher than %500. … sub-committee formed …”.

23rd March 1945 PCC

Residence adj. to School House

“… had fixed a maximum price of £700 … it was obvious at the sale that a competitive bidder was determined to purchase the house at any price. … sold for £750 … a considerable sum would have been needed to cover necessary repairs. …”


Miss E Kenworthy



Diocesan Conference 8 March 1945

“… main theme … was a proposal from a Central Finance Committee … for the raising of $600,000 throughout the Chester Diocese to put the church’s house in order. Plans included the raising of Incumbents’ Stipends to a minimum of £400 per year … suggestion was made to raise Quotas by 20% … counter-proposition was put forward calling for £250,000 to be raised and quotas doubled in each Parish”.

Repairs etc

“… there was every possibility that a maximum of £10 per year would be fixed after May 1st to cover repairs, alterations etc. to property … fortunately at the moment, the only repairs needed for the church was a little plastering and replacement of tiles …”.

Site for Mission Church

“… the Borough Council of Sale were opening up the area on the North Side of Baguley Lane and making it into a separate housing unit of its own. The Diocese had a site for a Mission Church in Norris Road; but it had never been considered very suitable. The Chairman had approached the Borough Council and suggested that they might like to buy the present site, as it was thought that a more suitable position for the Mission Church would be on the North Side of Baguley Lane. They had expressed a ready willingness to do so and would now select another site to be offered to the church in due course. The whole matter was pending at the moment as the question of sites for new schools was still under consideration”.

Discussions “To start you talking”

Given by the vicar during Lent to a small group. Many people did not understand just what their Christianity stood for. Council were asked to seriously consider the whole matter.

British and Foreign Bible Society

£2 left over from the China Fund. B&FBS had not received any help from Church Funds for a long time.

4th May 1945 PCC

Examination of Church Building

“… no major repairs were necessary. One heating pipe required attention … a number of loose slates on the roof but only 5 replacements would be required … the spout over the vicar’s vestry was again stopped up … the drain near to the War Memorial had required cleaning …”.

Augmentation Fund

“… a grant of £25 was to be made to the £100 submitted … sent up to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners”.

Site for Mission Church

“… the plans were still incomplete”.


“… Owing to the absence of an assistant curate … they should pay up to £1 per week for work in the vicarage garden, until an assistant curate is obtained …”.


“… a Question Box should be placed in the Church Porch and members of the congregation invited to submit questions which they would like to discuss …”.

Day Schools

“… county decisions to make S Anne’s Day Schools a ‘half stream school’, the School Managers had done their best to convert the School into a ‘one stream school’, by incorporating the School House as additional accommodation, but the county authorities refused to consider this proposal. The Bishop had therefore advised the School managers to hand over the Schools to the County who would then be responsible for all expenses appertaining to the school and it would then become a Controlled School …”.

“… dry-rot had been discovered in the Vicarage”.

7th June 1945 PCC

Dr Hankey in the chair.

Discussion Groups

“… the matter be left over until the Vicar returned”.

Covenant Scheme

“… still seemed to be some doubt regarding the attitude of the Income Tax Authorities towards a broken covenant”.

Ruri-decanal Conference

“… the main subject of discussion was the Diocesan Thanksgiving Appeal …”.

Lighting in the Chancel

“At the request of the Organist, Mr Forster, the Secretary brought to the notice of the Council a request for better lighting in the chancel before the winter … the existing number of lights would need supplementing …”.

Black Out Curtains

“… Alma Youth Club … purchase the black-out curtains now hanging in church … council would be only too pleased to present these curtains…”.

Bishop’s Appeal Fund

“… the main aim of the fund was to readjust the clergy stipends … sub-committee formed to fix a target …”.

19th November 1945 PCC

Lighting in the Chancel

“… recommended the new florescent lighting as this was efficient and cheap … it was a little too soon yet to obtain the correct ecclesiastical fittings … suggested an increase in wattage, necessitating fresh wiring and a new switchboard …”.

Dry Rot Repairs

“… cost of the dry rot repairs to the vicarage stood at about £150 up to the moment … Legally, a vicar was responsible for repairs to the vicarage, but it must be borne in mind that such property was only held in stewardship by an Incumbent. …! [Council to pay].


“… Dr Vierman had requested that his stipend should be £220 plus £50 expenses in view of Income Tax requirements …”.

Thanksgiving Appeal

“… 2600 leaflets had now been obtained, for which there was no charge. The parish had been divided into 32 districts and 2000 collecting cards had been ordered … many letters had been written asking for collectors, but nearly all had been refused. At least 14 more district treasurers were needed”.

Day Schools

“… Education Authority's decision not to make S. Anne’s a “one stream” school …”.


“.. a new inset had been ordered for the magazine which he [Chairman] felt would be welcomed by all readers … also … addition of the Diocesan leaflet … proposed that the new magazine to be issued in January 1946 should be 3p per copy …”.

Fuel Restrictions

“… evening services in Advent in view of fuel shortage … should be maintained as long as possible …”.

Hymn Books

“… purchase some new books if there was a possibility of improvement in the quality of the paper …”.

Lighting Outside the Church

“… the reinstallation of full lighting at the church steps etc; now blackout restrictions had been removed …”.

Girl Guide Troop

“… a new Guide Troop had been started at St Anne’s … reported considerable difficulty in keeping the grounds surrounding the Scout Hut in a tidy condition, as nearby residents persisted in the tipping of rubbish …”.

31st January 1946 PCC

Hymn Books

“50 new hymn books had been ordered … also 100 new prayer books”.

Repairs to Vicarage

“.. final bill … was £268 … written to Queen Anne’s Bounty, asking for assistance …”.

Garden Party

Saturday June 1st in the garden of Alderman Mawer, Mayor of Sale, … opener was to be Col. FJ Erroll, MP …

Organ Fund

“This was growing slowly by receipts from weddings when the organ was used. Through an amicable arrangement with the Organist, it had been agreed to leave his salary at £70 but to allocate half of his wedding fees to the Organ Fund”.

Communion Wine

“… thanks to Mr Hampson for the saving of at least £30 to £40 in the opportune purchase of wine. Stocks were still sufficient for a few years …”.


Letter. “… asking that provision might be made for the Scout Group when planning the new Parochial Hall …”.

12th April 1946 PCC

Repairs to Vicarage

Account queried “… had made payment to the Contractors, James S Smith, Sale …”.


Mr Leach


Wardens, plus Mr F Boardman

Electoral Roll Officer

Mr Peet

Diocesan Thanksgiving Appeal

… receipts totalled approximately £340.

4th July 1946 PCC

Garden Party

Proceeds amounted to £210.

“Dr Veerman, acting on medical advice, was now able to undertake light Sunday duties only … reduced stipend …”.


“…playground was being resurfaced …”.


“… income … had increased from £95pa to £169pa during the last 10 years … proposal that a further £200, being made up of two legacies of £100 each … be sent to the Ec. Com. For Endowment …”.

Wafer Bread

“… wafer bread had not been used previously at St Anne’s. Now, however, bread rationing together with the need for elimination of waste, and unsatisfactory bread at present, prompted him to request that the Council consider the introduction of wafer bread …”.

… concern expressed …

Resolved … “… but not used before an announcement regarding it had appeared in the Parish Magazine.”

Fencing around the Church

“… 1/10th of the value at the time it was removed was as much as could be claimed from the Govt. but as this was a very small sum no claim had been made …”.

Church Decoration

“Resolved that a sub-committee … be appointed to devise a scheme of alteration of the church interior so as to provide a side chapel, to consider the decoration of the interior and to make firm recommendations …”.

16th October 1946 PCC


“… (suggestion) the time had arrived when the Council might feel obliged to concentrate on meeting our own financial obligations in the parish, and suspend for the time being emphasis on the Dioc. Thanksgiving Appeal …”.

Sunday Games at St Anne’s Tennis Club

“… had requested permission to play on Sundays … obliged to refuse their request …”.


“… position created by the termination of the agreement with Dr Veerman …”.

Heating of the Church

“… small leak had been found in the boiler and that in due course this would necessitate a new boiler …”.

Dilapidations Board

“… Diocesan Surveyor had made an inspection of the Vicarage in Nov. 1945 … report of repairs and re-painting considered necessary … Dioc. Dilap. Board enquired whether the Council would pay or promise to pay all or a proportion of the cost …”.


“… Council would consider a Chapter of the Report on the Conversion of England at each of their future meetings …”.

Change of Bank

… adjourn the matter.

18th December 1946 PCC


“… cost of installing an electrical system of heating the church showed the cost to be very great …”.

Site for New Church, Norris Road

“… a revised plan for Sale under the Town Planning Scheme … proposed acquisition by the Sale Corporation of the land in Norris Road belonging to the Diocese … apply their powers of compulsory purchase in order to overcome valuation difficulties, and for no other reason … shown an alternative site for a new Church on the revised plan …”.


“Mr Leigh reviewed the final Chapter of the Report on the Conversion of England …”.

Deanery Youth Organisation

“… asked whether the Council were prepared to make a donation towards the work of the Deanery Youth Organisation … adjourned … obtain additional information …”.

14th February 1947 PCC

“… Canon Walker, Councillor Highley & Vicar had inspected the plans at the Town Hall showing the revised position of the site allocated for a new church … The new site is at a point on Norris Rd where a line drawn through Dunollie Rd would cross Norris Road … site was a very good one …”.

Accounts Year Ending 31 December 1946

Organist £70pa
Choir Salaries £25pa
Choir Picnic £13
Verger £44pa
Boiler Attendant / Bell Ringer £28-12-0
Cleaner £47-13-4


“… Chairman reported that he was concerned that certain parochial organisations seemed disposed to overlook the rule and practice of our church in regard to the curtailment of public social activities during Lent … write to all parochial organisations reminding them of the customary Lenten observance, and to ask that no money raising activity should be held …”.

Good Friday Services

“… wished to invite Mr swift, the Minister of Trinity Methodist Church … had referred the matter to the Bishop, who, having regard to the fact that the service was a non-liturgical one, had signified his approval, provided the service was conducted as a joint service …”.

21st March 1947 PCC

Sale Moor Community Centre

“… letter … received from the Council … asking for the nomination of a representative …”.

Alteration of Church Interior

“… report was submitted … The proposal regarding a lady Chapel, and a new position for the font and consequential alterations were examined and it was decided that at their next meeting the Council would adjourn to the Church …”.

Provision of a Lady Chapel

[Report enclosed in Minute Book: abbreviated below]

Vicar suggested the altar from the chancel be moved to against the organ pipes in the transept (Sketch 1). Transept is dark. Organ casing would have to remain and be masked with a sheet of plywood instead of glass. Would need to remove pews and level the floor, access being by the south aisle as well as the transept. Carved wood screen or wrought iron grille required to enclose the chapel. Thought hat chairs would be more adaptable seating …

Another position for Lady Chapel was in the North Aisle. Fairly well lit. These pews are seldom occupied. Move the font … also inside the north aisle just inside the door from the porch.

North aisle felt to be colder. Extra heating would be necessary.

Vicar suggested font be place near Church Wardens’ pew almost in the centre of the church. Pew would be shortened – involves alterations to the entrance to the south aisle.

Organ: uncertain about state of organ and “remembering rumours from time past” wondered whether a fully electric organ was ever likely, as reduction in area of pipes would allow rearrangement of vestries … new routes for clergy/choir.

More space is desirable in the centre aisle at the foot of the chancel steps. With the Litany Desk placed in position it is difficult to circumvent while taking up the collection plates. The radiators behind the pews near the lectern would have to be moved.

Removal of hymn board from near organ to the pier near Pew 122.

Design of sanctuary if present altar and reredos were removed … with reference to painted figures … refix in another part? With a modern altar they would look out of place. Colours of east window were not entirely in harmony. Inefficiency of electrical lighting in chancel.

11th April 1947 PCC

Diocesan Thanksgiving Appeal

Letter of acknowledgement of the work of the street collectors to be placed in magazine.


Provision for:
• £40 on account of Assistant Curate (ie £150 cf £100)
• £11 Staff
• £50 Painting Vicarage
• £69 Reserve for a new boiler

Budget (1947), £1160 (+£125)
Income – usual sources, £820
Deficit, £340 – will require ‘special efforts’

New Boiler

“… estimate for a new boiler at a cost of £115 …”.

Proposed Alterations of Church Interior

“… adjourned to the Church and there considered the alterations suggested by the special sub committee in their report of 16 October 1946 …”.

14th May 1947 PCC

Vicar’s Stipend

“The Vicar was asked if he would state the amount which he received annually in respect of Fees. He replied that he had difficulty in giving a definite figure, and he was anxious not to state a figure which might be less than his actual income under this heading. He suggested that Fees be estimated at between £90 & £110”.

“… application made by the Vicar for a reconsideration of the amount of his stipend, and finally

Resolved that for 1947 the Vicar be accorded a cost of living bonus at the rate of £50 per annum, plus a grant of £17-5-0 to cover cost of pension contribution and that [£50 of the supplementary amount at present paid by the Parish to him be expressed to be the reimbursement of motor car expenses incurred in duties in the parish], and that reconsideration be given in due course as regards future years”.

Mrs Tyrell dissented.

Note: Words between [ ] amended December 1947.

Envelope Scheme

Effort to increase membership “… follow up Baptisms …”.

29th August 1947 PCC

Vicar’s Stipend for 1947

“The Vicar asked if he might be informed of the reasons which had persuaded the Council to grant a motor car allowance of £50 rather than the allowance which had been suggested should be paid to Mrs Warburton. He did not think that the Inspector of Taxes would admit this sum in full … willing to seek a definite decision regarding the legitimacy of this item as an expense”.

Resolved, “… give further consideration to the terms of the resolution …”.

Church Staff Wages


Mrs Snape – Church Cleaner £5-4-0 pa
Mr Warrington – Parish Clerk £4 pa
Mr Jackson – Stoker and Bellringer £2-12-0 pa

Conveyance of Mission Church Site Norris Road to Sale Corporation

“… draft Deed prepared … discussed the adequacy of the selling price of £600 in view of the probability that when the alternative site is eventually purchased it will probably be bought under conditions very different to those obtaining when the Norris Road site was acquired in 1939.

… Diocesan Authorities had fully approved the transaction on the present terms … alternative site, which was already allotted in the Town Planning Scheme … would be conveyed to the Dioc Board of Finance at whatever price it may cost the Sale Corporation to purchase it from the present owners …”.

Dry Rot in the West Porch of the Church

“… discovered Dry Rot in the West Porch and preliminary investigations suggested that a Licence for the execution of £60 worth of work would be required …”.

Boiler in Church

“… the insurance Engineer was satisfied that the boiler was rep