First First Meeting of the Parochial Church Meeting (PCC)

16 April 1920

Comprised not more than 21 members.

Music in the Park

“... spoke with concern regarding the introduction of music in the park on the coming Sunday evenings and proposed the following resolution be sent to the Sale Urban District Council viz.
‘That this vestry meeting wishes to record its emphatic protest against the introduction of music in the Park on the evenings of the Sabbath Day’ ... carried without any comments”.

(8th April 1921 Vestry Meeting)

PCC, 4th June 1920

Vicar not successful in securing the services of an Assistant Curate, but had corresponded with a Lady Worker with excellent testimonials and considerable experience, “... it was resolved that further efforts be made to obtain a Curate before the services of a Lady Worker were engaged”.

Minute Book - 1920 to 1929

The following extracts are taken from the St Anne's Church, Sale, 'Minute Book' - and give details of the Vestry Meetings (and others) between 1920 and 1929.

16th April 1920 First Meeting of the Parochial Church Meeting (PCC)

Called to create the first PCC:

 to be composed of not more than 21 members (including ladies)
 to include Vicar and ex-officio members
 Ruri-Decanal Conference Mr Barton and Mr Howarth
 Diocesan Conferences Mr Wilson and Mr Crosby
 15 to be elected from 20 by voting paper
 of those elected there were three ladies

16th April 1920 Vestry Meeting

[Note: Large turn-out]

Minutes of the last meeting: It was noted that the Sunday School Workers had not been included in the “cordial thanks”, “ ... the vicar explained this was certainly an omission ...”.

“The vicar referred to the new hymn book and expressed regret at the delay - he read a letter from the publishers saying the hymn book was in the printers hands and all possible was being done to get the hymn book through”.

“The vicar also recorded that the faculties mentioned at the previous vestry meeting had been secured. The memorial to Mr and Mrs SJ Tennant had been erected in the Church. The War Memorial would (SV) be unveiled by The Lord Bishop on 26th June. The windows in the Church to the memory of the late vicar would (SV) be unveiled on May 1st by Canon Wainwright”.

“Mr Churchill thanked the Church Officers for the £20 allocated from the Free-will Offering to the Schools. He asked what amount the Sunday Schools had contributed to the CMS. The treasurer (Mr Repton) replied well over £20 ...”.

“... the vicar referred to the Children's Guild which was going on very satisfactorily and they now helped in the supporting of a bed in a hospital in Persia”.

Mentioned in thanks by the Vicar:

 Women’s Bible Class (which had fallen off in number)
 Scouts
 Children’s Meeting held each Sunday evening
 Splendid body of Sunday School Teachers!
 Penny Bank

Vicar’s Warden: Mr AB Turner.
Renters’ Warden: Mr Harcourt Willson.
Additional Sidesmen: 11 No.

“... brought forward the fact that there was no service in church on Easter Sunday afternoon, and asked for an explanation from the vicar - The vicar replied it was exactly as given from the pulpit”.

Newspaper cutting

[Note: Date unknown - headed “Ex-Service Men Entertained”]

This refers to the start of the fourth set of marriage registers, which dated back to Feb. 11 1857. 1500 weddings had been celebrated on a Saturday. The first baptism at the church was on Nov. 14 1856 when the late Rev J Johnson Cort christened his son John Patchett Cort who subsequently became vicar.

Receipts, £956-17-1
Balance, £5-15-0

Selected Receipts:
Offertories for church expenses, £142-1-2
Church Ley, £58-8-6
Freewill Offertories, £88-3-7
Vicar’s Pew Rents, £236-6-2

Easter offertories payable to Vicar ’20, £39-6-9

Selected Payments:
Organist and Choir Salaries, £94-8-0
Heating church, £22-9-5
Organ Blowing (by Power), £4-14-0
Organ Tuning, £8-0-0
Choirboys Pic-nic, £1-10-6
Men’s Pic-nic (less Subs.), £2-11-6
Transferred to Heating and Lighting Renewal Fund, £34-10-1

8th May 1920 PCC

Vice Chairman: Mr Harcourt Willson.
Hon Secretary: Mr HH Brown.

To meet on the first Friday of every month in the School at 8 o’clock.
Offertories and Rotas arranged for the month.

Record on 2/6/20 when excavating for Memorial Cross foundations - drains exist right under the exact site of the cross (ref. sketch) - In excellent condition - fireclay pipes with cement joints - left. Signed, HH Brown, FRIBA.

4th June 1920 PCC

Vicar not successful in securing the services of an Assistant Curate, but had corresponded with a Lady Worker with excellent testimonials and considerable experience, “... it was resolved that further efforts be made to obtain a Curate before the services of a Lady Worker were engaged”.

Memorial Cross Dedication June 26th.

26th June 1920 Newspaper Cutting

Memorial cross erected in the grounds to commemorate 68 members of the church who fell in the Great War was unveiled by the Bishop of Chester.

Cross 11’6” in height of grey Aberdeen granite designed by Mr Herbert Brown FRIBA of Manchester and Sale. The design shows a wreath of laurel leaves suspended from the head of the cross and in the centre of the wreath palms are displayed. On panels round the plinth of the structure are inscribed the names of the dead heroes and the face of the plinth bears the following inscription (which appears beneath the words “our fallen heroes”) - worked in a bronze colour in medallion form – “To the Glory of God. This cross was erected in loving memory of the members of St Anne’s Church Sale whose names are inscribed thereon, who gave their lives to defend the British Empire in the Great War, 1914-1919. They counted not their lives dear unto themselves” [... names recorded ...].


 Prior to the unveiling a service was held in church
 The memorial is visible from the adjacent roadways
 The memorial cost £300
 Bishop’s Address [details]
 Mr Herbert Brown of Beaufort Avenue, Brooklands and Brazennose St, Manchester, Designer (voluntary)

2nd July 1920 PCC

A Choir annual trip had been arranged to Buxton on 10 July.

Curate - not been successful. “... he hoped the members of the Council would be agreeable to his engaging the services of a trained Deaconess ...”.

August 7th Entertain Old Soldiers.

3rd September 1920 PCC

Vicar reported on correspondence about the New Hymn Books.

1st October 1920 PCC

“After a little friendly discussion about the New Hymn Books ... adopted “That since the new Books are now ready they can be bought from Mr Warrington” ”.

“... opened a discussion upon the need for some re-decoration of the Church ...”.

5th November 1920 PCC

“... complaints were constantly being made about the indifferent lighting at the Church Gates on Sunday Evensong ... Hon Sec should write [to] the Local Authority about it”.

3rd December 1920 PCC

Dry Rot in Schools.

“The question of re-decoration of the Church was discussed at some length”.

7th January 1921 PCC

221 vacant sittings in the church.

“The question of re-decoration of the church was again very fully discussed ...”. Proposed “That the whole church should be re-decorated ... obtain estimates ...”.

4th February 1921 PCC

“... special committee empowered to attend to the re-decoration of the church had decided to drop the matter, and only the portion where dry rot appeared some years ago, at a small cost”.

[Note: Mention of Church Magazine]

11th March 1921 PCC

Crosby/Haworth had attended a Diocesan Meeting at Bowdon and discussed the Stipends of the clergy. They hoped to raise sufficient to make each vicars stipend up to £400 a year and each assistant clergyman’s up to £250 ... if each communicant in Cheshire could give 5/- pa, £15,000 could be raised, which is the amount aimed at.

Vicar had had no support from ministers of local denominations re Band in Park on Sundays in summer.

1st April 1921 PCC

316 sittings let and 222 vacant (538).

The Choir had sung the “Way of the Cross”, Sacred Cantata, “... warm appreciation of all their services upon this successful rendering ...”.

8th April 1921 Vestry Meeting

[Note: Large turnout]

Thanks to Church Officers, Organist and Choir, Sunday School Superintendent and Teachers, District Visitors, Ladies Guild, Christian Brotherhood, Church Workers, Day School Teachers plus Penny Bank, Magazine, Ladies Guild, Sale of Work, work amongst “The Mothers”, Parish Clerk, Sunday School and Day School, The Prayer Meeting “the power house of the church and parish” ... etc., etc..

Vicar’s Warden: Mr AB Turner.
Renters’ Warden: Mr Harcourt Willson.

“... spoke with concern regarding the introduction of music in the park on the coming Sunday evenings and proposed the following resolution be sent to the Sale Urban District Council viz.
‘That this vestry meeting wishes to record its emphatic protest against the introduction of music in the Park on the evenings of the Sabbath Day’ ... carried without any comments”.

Church Expenses Account 1920-21

Receipts, £1117-8-7
Balance, £1-15-1
Gas (Heating and lighting), £4-3-8
Electricity (Lighting), £15-17-4
Heating Church (Fuel), £38-2-1
Water Rate, £1-1-0
Sacramental Wine, £2-5-0
New Hymn Books, £39-4-8
New Prayer Books, £14-0-0
Transferred from FWO to Suspense a/c against contingent expenses of repairing Church (Tower and Fabric), £10-0-0

6th May 1921 PCC

Vice Chairman: Mr Harcourt Willson.

“Mr Browns resignation of the office of Secretary was received with regret and a vote of thanks ....was unanimously passed”.

New Secretary: Mr Kilpatrick.

Mr Harrison called attention to the state of the coping over the choir vestry door.

Committee of laymen from Church Councils for the Rural Deanery of Bowdon to consider Clergy stipends – Representative: Mr Willson.

Mr Dowson, “said that the present mode of administration of Holy Communion was unsatisfactory from a sentimental and also from a hygiene point of view, and suggested that the Vicar take steps, either by the provision of separate cups for each Communicant, or by some other means so that the risk of infection might be minimised - He was supported by Mr Whitlegg after some discussion the matter was allowed to drop”.

3rd June 1921 PCC

“Mr Harrison referred to letter in Altrincham Guardian from the Church Council with reference to Sunday music in the Parks. It was stated that Mr Turner had received a postcard in acknowledgement of the letter”.

Names John Gratrix and John Graham left off the Memorial Cross ... and Henry Whitney altered to Herbert ...

Bowling Green purchase fund, £137, Promised
£72, Deposited in Bank.

1st July 1921 PCC

“... discussion on the responsibility for finding the money for asphalting the School Yard. £123 was already in hand towards the total of £203 required ...”.

2nd September 1921 PCC

Members invited to St. George’s Altrincham to hear an address by the Right Revd Bishop Mercer; subject “The powers and responsibilities of Parochial Church Councils”.

“... stated that the Church Bell should be rehung and suggested that an expert be consulted”.

“... if further information could be given re repair of Tower”.

13th October 1921 PCC

“... cost of repairing the Church Spire would be about £30”.

“... schools required pointing and repairing outside ... Bibles were required for Sunday Schools”.

4th November 1921 PCC

“... Mr Harold Shawcross be written expressing the hearty appreciation by the Council of his services at the Organ during the recent illness of Mr JH Stratton”.

2nd December 1921 PCC

Arranging an American Tea and sale on Saturday before Shrove Tuesday in aid of fund for Choir Cassocks, etc..

8.00 am Communion Service be held only on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays in the month.

6th January 1922 PCC

349 sittings let and 190 vacant.

“... reported re the purchase of the Bowling Green stating that £202-3-5 had been either given or promised towards the amount of £300 and that £155-17-5 had been placed in the Bank”.

3rd February 1922 PCC

Mr Stratton should be asked to select either the ‘Way of the Cross’ or ‘Olivet to Calvary’ for Palm Sunday.

“... had interviewed the Land-Agent re the Bowling-green and that the offer of £275 had been accepted”.

Pay Caretaker of the schools 6% for twelve months for preparing of the rooms, etc. for Council Meetings.

10th March 1922 PCC

“... a further 6/- be paid to Mrs Williams the caretaker for work in connection with the Council Meetings”.

£80 required to complete purchase of Bowling Green and, “... a hearty invitation be extended in the Parish Magazine by the Executive of the Brotherhood of the Official Opening with a view to getting more members ...”.

7th April 1922 PCC

Collection for Russian Famine Fund.

Official opening of Bowling Green to take place on 22 April 1922.

“... read a letter from the Diocesan Authority at Chester re the Conveyance of the Bowling Green ...”.

345 sittings let and 194 vacant.

21st April 1922 Vestry Meeting

[Note: Large turnout]

Vicar’s Warden: Mr AB Turner.
Renters’ Warden: Mr J Harcourt Willson.

“This closed the proceedings as far as the vestry meeting was concerned and the Parochial Church Meeting proceeded with other business, under the new regulations. Minutes of which are entered in a special book set apart for that purpose”.

Church Expenses Account Easter 1921 to 31 December 1921

Receipts, £867-5-2
Balance, £11-4-8
Paid people (and in previous accounts): Vicar, J Warrington, Frape, Mrs Snape, H Heywood.
Transferred to Heating, Lighting and General Renewal Fund, £25-0-0.

21st April 1922 at 8 pm Annual Meeting

£59-9-7 Easter offering.

Diocesan Conference: Mr Harcourt Willson and Mr Marriot.
Ruri-Decanal Conference: Mr Crosby and Mr Howarth.

“... raised the question of an endowment fund ... meeting expressed approval of the idea and suggested that the Parochial Council consider the matter”.

“... stated that it was the opinion of Mr Capham that the recent repairs to the spire and pinnacles of the Church would be enough for some five years ...”.


6/-per quarter on 1/9 seats and
1/- on 3/6 and 5/3 for church expenses.

“It was decided to open a Testimonial Fund for Mr Warrington who had completed 30 years service at the Church as Parish Clerk ...”.

5th May 1922 PCC

Mr Kilpatrick re-elected Secretary.

“... suggested that Major Hamilton be asked to open the Bowling Green some Saturday in June”.

Newspaper cutting “Confirmation at Sale”

[Note: Held 11 May 1922]

The Bishop of Chester ... 152 candidates (St Anne's 15 males and 48 females).

7th July 1922 PCC

Death of Mr EW Barton, 25 years Church Officer and regular worshipper.
Presentation of silver-plated hot water jug to Mrs Barber on the occasion of her marriage.
Presented Mr Warrington with a cheque for £10, “... Vicar spoke in appreciation of his service and in praise of his never-failing courtesy and devotion to duty in the Church ...”.

[Note: Choir outing had been to Llangollen.]

“... new cassocks were worn by the Choir for the first time on the previous Sunday and that the cost including one each for the Vicar and organist was under £50 and that a choir edition of the Hymn Book had been bought for the boys with part of the balance ...”.

Friday July 21st 1922 ‘Sale Guardian’

“Sir George and Lady Hamilton - Afternoon with Sale Bowlers - Sir George opens St Anne’s Green”

MP Altrincham Division ... adjoins the schools and was purchase by members and friends of the bowling section of Sale St Anne’s Christian Brotherhood and “has thus been secured to the church in perpetuity”. The green was acquired at a cost of £275 and was opened free from debt.

(... of the 69 who gave their supreme sacrifice during the war, 55 were members of the bowling green ... the day (July 15) was the anniversary of the battle of the Somme ...).

The bowling club and green had been in existence for some years ... up to then they had rented the green ... it was now church property. The bowling section numbered 120 members including ladies ... and included among its members a man so distinguished in amateur bowls as Mr Tom Dale who Crown Green British Amateur Champion in 1912.

1st September 1922 PCC

Death of Mr Frape

“... called attention to the bad lighting of the Mixed school and stated that the Sale Orchestral Society had offered to give a Concert, the proceeds to be devoted to the installation of electric light ... the cost to be confined to £50”.

6th October 1922 PCC

“... salary of organist be reconsidered with a view to its being augmented and also the question of a bonus to the two paid choir-men be considered”.

“... called attention to the patch on the Chancel beams ...”.

19th October 1922 Emergency Meeting

“... consider report from Mr Brown re “Dry Rot in Church” ... suggestions on which it was desired to obtain the ruling of the Church Council, the chief of which was the closing of the Church for services until the work was completed. It was thought by the Council that it would be a mistaken policy to close the Church especially in view of the near approach of FW Offering Sunday”.

“... possible to screen off the Chancel by erecting a temporary framework to fit the archway extending from behind the pulpit to the organ which would leave the pulpit and lectern free for use. This was considered a good suggestion and upon Mr Marriot generously proffering to give up to £5 for the erection of the framework of the screen and Mr Brooks promising to supply the canvas this met with the unanimous support of the Council. It was therefore resolved ... that the services be carried on in Church as usual
“The services of Mr Brown be retained for the supervision of the work in connection with the Dry Rot”. Churchwardens to arrange a suitable fee.

3rd November 1922 PCC

“... letter from Mr Stratton asking that the question of the increase of salaries be allowed to lie until the Church repairs had been dealt with”.

“... state of gutter over the Memorial Window and suggested that 7lb lead should be used for all the new work”.

“... confer with Mr Shorrocks re cistern and heating apparatus”.

1st December 1922 PCC

Chancel ready for service on Dec. 10th.
Help required for cleaning of same.
Tea urns for Sunday School and 6 doz. spoons order (stamped St Anne’s, Sale!).

5th January 1923 PCC

“... quota of £25 only be sent to the Diocesan headquarters”.

Account for the American Tea 22/2/23, £71-2-2
New Cassocks and Surplices for Choir, £57-11-0
Three Urns, £9-0-0
Six dozen spoons, £2-17-0
Ewbank carpet sweeper, £1-14-2

340 Sittings let and 199 vacant.

2nd February 1923 PCC

“... carried that collections in future be made for the Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Society in place of the Church Missionary Society until such time as the latter Society returns to its original scriptural teaching”.

“… the a/c at the Bank be altered from Churchwardens of St Anne’s to St Anne’s Parochial Church Council ... in accordance with the C of E Assembly (Powers) Act 1919”.

Electric lighting of Mixed School: Estimate Messrs Ferneley of Salford was the lowest.

Sale and Stretford Guardian – 16th February 1923

Music in Sale Park
The Engagement of Bands

There was a protracted discussion at a meeting of Sale District Council, under the presidency of Mr. FS Churchill, over a minute passed by the Open Spaces Committee, which was to the effect that terms be obtained from various bands for performances in the park on every Sunday evening during June, July and August. … Alderman John Morley objected to the latter part … because he considered it was ultra vires, seeing that they would be committed to expenditure which would have to be allowed for in the estimates … Eventually the minute was adopted.

2nd March 1923 PCC

“... brought the title-deeds of the Bowling Green and same were signed”.

6th April 1923 Annual Vestry Meeting (at 7.45 pm)

Vicar’s Warden: Mr AB Turner.
Renters’ Warden: Mr J Harcourt Willson.

Accounts to y/e 31 December 1922

Receipts, £1043-1-9
Balance, £6-13-5

Use of Organ - Mr Stratton’s Pupils £5-15-6

Transferred to Heating, Lighting and General Renewal A/c £50-0-0

Heating, Lighting and General Renewal Account:
 Receipts: £365-13-2
including £108-0-0 from an American Tea (10/2/1923) in aid of Dry Rot expenses
 Tradesman’s A/c, WH Brooks, Decorating £2-18-6
 JE Shorrocks, Plumbing and repairing heating apparatus £22-9-1
 Dry Rot Repairs on A/c on Mr WH Brown’s (Architect) Certificate £250-0-0
 Balance £90-5-7

6th April 1923 Annual Parochial Meeting (at 8.15 pm)

Balance in hand, £6-13-5
Easter offering, £60-9-0

“... mentioned crack in Church tower and said it would be inspected the following day”.

Vote of thanks to Mr HH Brown for his valuable work in connection with the Church Fabric.

Diocesan Conference: Mr Harcourt-Wilson and Mr Marriot.
Ruri-Decanal Conference: Mr Crosby and Mr Howarth.

4th May 1923 PCC

Mr Stratton’s salary as organist and choirmaster be advanced £10 per annum viz. to £70.

“... repairs to the buttress of the church-tower would be finished on the following day. The damage had been inspected by Mr R Carlyle’s Manager and he was of opinion that it had been caused by lightning. The damage would amount to between 30 and £50 which may be covered by Insurance”.

1st June 1923 PCC

Note: No Vicar, although confirmation of a Candidate.

“... Dry rot had been discovered at the Vicarage and the Vicar had called in Mr Storey whose estimate .... £27-11-0 ...”.

“... an honorarium of £12-12-0 be paid to him [Mr HH Brown] for his services rendered in connection with the Dry-rot in Church, repairs to the buttress of the church-tower, and repairs to the school”.

6th July 1923 PCC

“... the Insurance Co. whilst not recognising their liability had paid the claim for the repair of the Church buttress”.

“The sub-committee appointed for the consideration of an Endowment Fund reported as follows:
1. That an Endowment Fund be established forthwith.
2. That the Fund be allowed to accumulate until a substantial amount has been realised.
3. The fund meanwhile to remain in the charge of the Wardens and details of the Trust to be settled later by the Church Council”.

346 Pews let and 193 Vacant.

August 1923 Letter from the Churchwardens

“Endowment Fund for the Church”

The question of providing an endowment to improve the vicar’s stipend has been under the consideration of the Church Council, and the subject was referred to a Sub-committee, comprising the Vicar, Wardens, and Mr EL Sandbach to consider and report.

The Sub-Committee make the following recommendations:

(1) That an Endowment Fund be established forthwith
(2) That the Fund be allowed to accumulate until a substantial Fund is realised
(3) That the Fund in the meantime remain in charge of the Wardens, and details of the Trust be settled later by the Church Council

This report has been unanimously adopted by the Church Council.

It is felt by some members of the congregation that the Fund, when created, might be used to free the sittings in the church, but as this is only one of the many ways in which an Endowment Fund can be used, it is obvious that the decision as to the nature of the Trust can well be left for consideration at a later date, and that in the meantime an appeal for subscriptions be may be to the congregation ...

7th September 1923 PCC

“... bills amounting to £297-4-0 had been paid in connection with the repairs to the Church on the account of the dry-rot. He also said that Mr Shorrocks bill of £47-4-0 had been passed for payment ...”.

Revd Mr Armitage visiting clergyman in August.

October 1923 Letter from Churchwardens

The Wardens once more make their annual appeal to the congregation for generous support to the “Free-will Offering” on this occasion ... For ...

1 Church Expenses
2 Heating Lighting and General Renewal Fund
3 Endowment
4 Day and Sunday Schools

The Wardens hope the congregation will respond ... for:

1 ... increased cost of fuel and lighting ...

2 The decorations of the Chancel [which] were much damaged through the repairs consequent upon the recent dry rot in the roof. It is proposed to re-decorate the Chancel and the cost will probably amount to about £50. The cost of the decorations will be borne by the Heating, Lighting and General Renewal Fund.

Further repairs to the church tower are likely to be required in the course of the next few years, and though not pressing at the moment it is desirable to build up the Fund to be ready for the contingent expenses.

3 ... the Endowment Fund ... it is proposed to allocate part of the FWO to this Fund ...

4 The repainting of the Schools (outside) mentioned in our appeal of last year was carried out to the sum of £50 ...

The date for the Free-will offering is Sunday November 4th and the special preacher will be The Rev. EM Benson MA (Vicar of All Saints’, Preston).

12th October 1923 PCC

“... attention to the bad state of the Vicarage roof....”. To be examined.

“... attention to the bad light at the front gate of the Church and suggested that the two lamps be lit ...”.

“... suggested that an anthem be given once a month at morning and evening service and said that a desire had been expressed by different persons for this”.

2nd November 1923 PCC

Vicarage roof, “... it was in very bad condition, and that, in his opinion temporary repairs should be taken in hand at once to prevent further damage being caused”.

[Note: Specification to be drawn up and tenders invited. Approach Ecclesiastical Commissioners.]

“... redecoration of the chancel and Vicars Vestry would cost about £52- and the matter was left in the hands of the Wardens”.

7th December 1923 PCC

Letter from the Secretary of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.

“... bring matter before the Commissioners, and intimating that an offer of £100 might be made towards the repairs”.

Tenders: Mr Hy Steel, Northenden, £195-0-0
J Hamilton and Sons, Altrincham, £247-0-0
A Cordingley, Sale, £194-10-0

“... Cordingley be accepted, subject to waiting until Monday next for the other two tenders to come in ...”.

Other Tenders: Mr Wallwork, £145 * later accepted
Mr Smith, £182

American Tea, 15/12/23

Messrs. Metropolitan Vickers was sending a man who would fix a wireless installation on condition that he be allowed to canvass for orders.

Redecoration of Chancel and Vicar's Vestry ... estimate received for Mr Brooks for £52-0-0.

Parish Magazine Account: Balance: £7-17-5.

4th January 1924 PCC

335 Pews Let; 204 Vacant; 539 Total

“The Vicar brought the question of holding a Mission in the church lasting about 10 days in the autumn ...”. Council agreed.

“... the gulley in the churchyard outside the choir vestry was blocked ...”.

1st February 1924 PCC

“... drains all round the churchyard had been cleared”.

“… contractor for the repairs to the Vicarage roof stating he was waiting for a supply of lias lime before he could proceed with the work”.

“... remarks had been made with reference to the turning down of the lights in Church during sermon-time. It was decided that we should have more light”.

Accounts for the y/e 31 December 1923

Receipts, £1043-10-9
Balance, £5-8-7

Selected Receipts:
FWO, £110-17-5

Selected Payments: Organist and Choir, £102-10-0
Transferred to: HL&GR Account, £60
Schools a/c, £25
Endowment Fund, £10

25th April 1924 Vestry Meeting

Vicar’s Warden: Mr AB Turner.
Renters’ Warden: Mr N Repton.


Taken from a newspaper cutting: Diocesan Reps.: Messrs. HJ Marriot & J Harcourt Willson; Sidesmen: Mr TP Peers (Vicar’s) & Mr H Howarth (Renters’); Ruri-decanal Reps.: Messrs. Mr J Crosby and H Howarth; Others elected onto the Church Council: Mesdames Penrose, Stratton and Whitehead, Miss M Mellor and Messrs. WH Brookes, F Conn, WW Harrison, W Johnson, HS Rose and R Whitelegg.

October 1924 - Free-will Offering Appeal - Notice from Churchwardens

“... The decorations of the chancel carried out a few months ago have given entire satisfaction. This cost was, however, much in excess of what was first anticipated, and was borne by the HL&GR Fund. This has depleted the Fund considerably. It is very necessary to build up this very useful Fund for any contingent expenses which arise

As mentioned in last year’s circular letter, further repairs are necessary to the Church Tower. This work will have to be taken in hand before very long”.

“... the Endowment Fund ... has so far not brought a very general response ...”.

The date fixed for the FWO is Sunday 2nd November and the special preachers will be:

 Morning The Rev W Brown Pollock MA (Rector of Cheadle)
 Evening Ven Archdeacon JH Thorpe MA
(Vicar of St George’s Stockport and Archdeacon of Macclesfield)

In red type has been added a postscript, “Since the above was printed, there has been found further Dry Rot trouble in the South Wall of the Church. As this will mean considerable expense, we ask for your generous support. The work will have to be undertaken in the near future”.

Newspaper cutting “Rev NV Scorer’s Departure from Sale”

... has been appointed vicar of St Stephen’s, Clapham Park, London preached his farewell services on Sunday [Dec. 7th 1924].

... presentations were made on Friday night [Dec. 5th 1924].

... from the congregation and friends, Sunday School and Mothers’ Meeting Mr Scorer received a cheque for £73-13-1 and Mrs Scorer a gold brooch set with aquamarine and pearls. The St Anne’s Christian Brotherhood gave Mr Scorer a cheque for £10.

“The Rev NV Scorer, replying to the presentations, said it was worthwhile leaving St Anne’s to have got the representatives of every organisation in the parish in that room. If being at St Anne's had done nothing else it had done that. He did not think that ever previously during the seven years he had been with them they had so representative a gathering, but having done this, he hoped they would continue to do it, and whenever they had a congregational gathering, let it be one like this ...”.

The evening concluded with entertainment ... included Mr JH Stratton, Mus.Bac.

Church Expenses Account y/e 31 December 1924

Receipts, £1201-16-1
Balance, £16-16-1
Organist and Choir Salaries, £105-0-0
Repairs to Vicarage Roof
TS Andrews on A/c, GA Wallwork, £150-0-0

Heating and Lighting and General Renewal Fund

 Snow Boards and Cords, Vestry Roof, £2-7-0
 Drains, repairs etc., £12-0-0
 Repairs etc., £5-10-0
 Repairing Spire, £1-10-0
 Painting and decorating Sanctuary and Chancel, £119-4-0
 Electric lamps and cleaning shades, £1-7-6

24th April 1925

Large turnout - Mr J Harcourt Willson in the Chair

Renters’ Warden: Mr FS Churchill.

Meeting adjourned until Thursday 21 May for the purposes of the new vicar (Rev NA James) appointing his Warden.

21st May 1925

Vicars Warden: Mr J Harcourt Willson.

Newspaper Cutting re. New Vicar

Mr Willson welcomed the new vicar, “They were confident Mr James would maintain the old traditions of the parish, one of which was a bright and cheerful service with good singing. They had always had a good organist and a good choir, which was a great help to the maintenance of a fine service ...”.

Accounts for y/e 31 December 1925

Receipts, £1624-12-11
Balance (Various a/c), £361-6-6

16th April 1926

Vicar’s Warden: Mr J Harcourt Willson.
Renters’ Warden: Mr Fleetwood S Churchill.

Accounts y/e 31 December 1926

Receipts, £1446-11-3 Payments
 includes £285-13-3 for amounts advanced for lay-out of Tennis Courts.
Bank Balance, £153-19-8

22nd April 1927

Vicar’s Warden: Mr J Harcourt Willson.
Renters’ Warden: Mr Fleetwood S Churchill.

Accounts y/e 31 December 1927

Receipts, £1449-11-0
Bank Balance, £210-11-0
 Decorations, £136-0-0
 Electric Light Installation, £66-7-6 (to Commercial Electric Co. Ltd.)
 WA Brooks, £ 56-14-2 (Dry Rot Repairs)

13th April 1928

Vicar’s Warden: Mr Harcourt Willson.
Renters’ Warden: Mr Fleetwood S Churchill.

11th June 1928


Vicar’s Stipend:
“The vicars stipend was carefully and sympathetically considered and ... it was resolved that the stipend for the year ending 31 Dec. 1928 shall be £400 - this amount to include the proportion of Pew Rents payable to Vicar, the two chief rents payable by Mr WR Cox and Mr Thompson respectively, the annual grant of £65 from the Ecclesiastical Com. : but the Easter Offertories and fees for marriages are not included in the arrangement and are to be received by the vicar in addition to the said amount of £400.

The Council felt that they could not bind their successors in office in this arrangement as to stipend but the hope was expressed that it would have sympathetic consideration each year.

This was unanimously supported by the Council”.

Note in pencil below “Renewed for 1929 with proviso that stipend also include interest from Endowment. Minutes May 3/29. Renewed 1930”.

5th April 1929

Vicar’s Warden: Mr J Harcourt Willson.
Renters’ Warden: Mr Fleetwood S Churchill.

12th April 1929 - Newspaper Cutting from “Sale Guardian”

“A Church Free From Debt” - report of Vestry Meeting last week (not reproduced here).