25th January 1933

Mrs. Hanson’s Schools - “A very lengthy discussion took place upon this subject … the opinion … was that an unsatisfactory influence was being exerted upon the Headmastership of the Schools under Mr. Hanson. The Vicar reported his conversations with Mr. Taylor, and Miss [Irlam], the Inspector, who had expressed their disapproval of the duel interests of Mr. Hanson. Various Managers present recounted incidents bearing upon the Head Master’s general performance of his duties, from which emerged foremost the complaint of a lack of proper accounting for the finances passing through the Head Master’s hands. Other points mentioned were. 1. the financial result of the Concert held at the Sale Town Hall in aid of the Schools Funds; 2. the general discipline and educational achievements of the scholars; 3. the disbursement of Bank Interest earned upon deposited funds in the Penny Savings Bank; 4. the management of a Wireless Set fund to which scholars had subscribed; 5. the punctual attendance or otherwise of the Headmaster to his duties. It was then resolved that Mr. Hanson be asked to attend a meeting of the Managers, to explain certain matters which the Managers desire further information, and that the Vicar be asked to invite Mr. Taylor to be present at that meeting”.

School Managers’ Minute Book

1930 to 1939

25th July 1930

The matter of, “increasing the natural lighting of Rooms C and D in the Mixed Department, with skylights or otherwise, was left over for the present”.

The County’s recommendation that, “the reflooring of Rooms A and B, C and D should be done by Mr. A Cordingley, whose estimate was £64-15-0, was passed …”.

24th November 1930

It was resolved that, “in future all estimates for repairs to the Schools be first submitted to the Managers for their approval and that a letter be sent to the Head Teacher (Mr. Hanson) informing him of their decision. Also that Mr. Hampson (Treasurer) be authorised to collect the rent due from the School House, on and after the 29th November”.

After some discussion it was resolved, “that the Invoice for repairs to the schools submitted by Mr. Brooks for £12-18-2 be passed for payment”.

The Vicar agreed to, “submit a list of the property belonging to the Schools, Sunday School and Bowling Club kept in the School before leaving”.

A letter, “was received … informing the Managers that Mr. J Harcourt Willson had been appointed as the Council’s representative on the Management of St Anne’s School”.

It was, “resolved that HJ Marriott be appointed Correspondent pro-tem and authorised to inspect School House chimney stacks with view to prevent dampness penetrating wall”.

It was resolved that, “the temporary appointment as Teacher … of Mrs. ML Statham, 4 Westbourne Road, Urmston, Certificated Teacher, be approved”.

15th May 1931

Resolved that, “Gardeners Invoice of £2-15-3 be passed for payment”.

Resolved, “that the fireplaces in the Schools be repaired. Also that the Architect be asked to visit the Mixed School, with a view to sanction beautifying same …”.

6th October 1931

The Vicar (Mr. Wahltuch in the Chair). The meeting opened with Prayer.

The Vicar, “was appointed Correspondent”. A letter was read from the District Council, “asking that Dust Bins be provided in lieu of the ash pit in the School yard, also that each WC have its own flushing cistern”.

It was agreed that the Diocesan Inspector for Day Schools, “be asked to visit the Schools”.

It was decided to, “write to the Clerk of the Local Authority requesting the practice of children from our school attending outside classes during the time set apart for religious education be abolished”.

It was decided to, “sanction the use of the Infant’s School for a new Badmington (sic) Club, organised by Miss. D Churchill ...”. The rent to be paid was suggested at £5 a quarter.

Mr. Hanson read a balance sheet for, “a concert he had organised on behalf of the School. This shewed a profit of £10-3-4 when the money for the costumes is paid. At the time Mr. Hanson was 14/8 out of pocket”.

The Vicar was, “asked to write to the Secretary of the LEA stating that we contemplate decorating the Mixed School and reflooring two floors. The estimated cost of the first is £50, that of the second £30”.

25th November 1931

The Vicar was, “asked to write to Mr. Potter, the Director of Education, that expenditure be incurred as mentioned in a previous letter. Mr. Churchill asked that the gutters of the Mixed School be examined … one of the gulleys needed attention”.

Three accounts, “amounting to £10-10-6, sent by Mr. Brooks, were discussed … proposition to pay two of these accounts and leave the third, amounting to £2-19-6 to be paid later on”.

Mr. Marriott kindly promised to, “look at the school house roof, sometime when it was raining and to report to the Vicar. It was decided to incur expense up to £5 on the foregoing”.

The matter of Mrs. Edwards’ charges for her services was left to Mr. Churchill and the Vicar to settle.

It was reported that, “the school had been closed owing to the epidemic of diphtheria”.

Mr. Churchill mentioned, “the matter of a medal to the boy and girl who represented the highest characteristics of the School. The Vicar promised to speak to Mr. Hanson about this ...”.

25th January 1933

Mrs. Edward’s charges - No definite scale had been fixed, but a guide had been given to the various parties.

School House Roof - As there had been no further complaints, “it was assumed that the recent repairs had remedied the trouble”.

Schools Roof - Mr Marriott, “reported that there was still a small leak and this ought to be attended to be before any decorating was put in hand”. There was a discussion about the liability of the Schools (75% in this case).

Mrs. Hanson’s Schools - “A very lengthy discussion took place upon this subject … the opinion … was that an unsatisfactory influence was being exerted upon the Headmastership of the Schools under Mr. Hanson. The Vicar reported his conversations with Mr. Taylor, and Miss [Irlam], the Inspector, who had expressed their disapproval of the duel interests of Mr. Hanson. Various Managers present recounted incidents bearing upon the Head Master’s general performance of his duties, from which emerged foremost the complaint of a lack of proper accounting for the finances passing through the Head Master’s hands. Other points mentioned were. 1. the financial result of the Concert held at the Sale Town Hall in aid of the Schools Funds; 2. the general discipline and educational achievements of the scholars; 3. the disbursement of Bank Interest earned upon deposited funds in the Penny Savings Bank; 4. the management of a Wireless Set fund to which scholars had subscribed; 5. the punctual attendance or otherwise of the Headmaster to his duties. It was then resolved that Mr. Hanson be asked to attend a meeting of the Managers, to explain certain matters which the Managers desire further information, and that the Vicar be asked to invite Mr. Taylor to be present at that meeting”.

[Written in pencil.]

Teaching Staff - Mr. Hanson, “had complained of an insufficiency of teaching staff, particularly since the influx of some forty girls from the Industrial Schools. Mr. Hanson himself, “was conducting a class of 47 against the normal 35, and that, as Head Master, he should not be expected to teach at all, but only to supervise … the request for additional staff could not be acceded to at the present time in view of national economy …”.

Insurance of Scholars (against accident). A premium of 6/- had just been paid.

Old Schools – Report on Roof and Chimneys. The Vicar, “read a Report by Mr. Smith upon the general condition of these, form which it did not appear necessary to take any immediate steps”.

Flooring of Rooms E and F - The Vicar, “exhibited estimates for this work as follows: Winstanley, £23-10-0; Warburton, £38-0-0; Cordingley, £32-10-0”.

Decorations - Estimates were, “also exhibited for this work by Mr. Knight, 29-0-0; Brookes, 50-0-0; Rawcliffe, 38-10-0”.

Skylights - Estimates, “were read for the making of 2 skylights on the old school, from which it appeared that the lowest cost would be £15”.

The Vicar, “reported that he had approached the Rural Dean as to financial assistance which it might be possible to obtain towards the work, and he had had a very favorable (sic) interview. Canon Pitts (who had recently inspected the Schools) should be consulted in the first case. The meeting deemed it advisable to proceed with the installation of 2 skylights but to leave the flooring and decorating in abeyance pending ascertainment of any possible financial assistance”.

13th February 1933

Mr. Taylor was present in, “an unofficial capacity”. During the absence of Mr. Hanson, “at the commencement of the meeting, a general discussion took place upon the subjects under review”.

Mr. Hanson, “now being present, the Chairman directed him to keep a Teachers Log Book and to record therein late attendances of the whole staff including himself.

Commenting upon the Managers’ observations as to the discipline of the Scholars, Mr. Hanson complained of the poor class of Scholars drafted to him from Barkers Lane. He was doing his best to control them.

Mr. Hanson reported that parents who more than ever reluctant to allow their children to enter for higher education. Replying to the Chairman, he stated that the last report upon the educational standard of the scholars was in 1927. The Chairman expressed the desire of the Managers to see more children going in for higher education.

In reference to the disposal of Savings Bank Interest, Mr. Hanson said the previous Vicar, Mr. James, had authorised him to withdraw £4 annually for expenditure on the children. All monies he had allocated from that source were so spent. Mr. Hanson also mentioned desks, and other articles loaned by him to the Schools, which were needed owing to neglect by the powers that be to apply for them at the proper time.

The concert in aid of the Schools had not been financially completed owing to several children being still owing for dresses etc: He would endeavour to obtain some finality in the matter as soon as practicable.

Replying to the Chairman’s expression of dislike by the Managers of Mr. Hanson’s interest in another School, Mr. Hanson said he had no control over Mrs. Hanson in this matter. It was her School and she had stated that as Mr. Hanson was not a healthy man, she had to provide against any eventualities of the future. He had repeatedly asked her to give such School up.

Mr. Churchill then addressed Mr. Hanson summarising the various points and entering into the matter at length.

Replying to the Chairman, Mr. Hanson stated that he had nothing more to say”.

25th October 1933

Approval was given, “to the recent decoration of the School at a cost of £57-10-0, by Messrs. Jones and Jackson”.

Suggested that the organisations using the School pay their contribution for this privilege to Mr. Hampson, who will remunerate the Caretaker.

It was announced, “that the ‘20’ Badmington (sic) Club had left the School”.

The Vicar announced an extra Uncertificated Teacher.

It was decided to, “inform the Director that we considered repairing two floors in the Schools at an approximate cost of £25”.

Mr. Willson, “kindly promised to see Messrs. Jackson with regard to the range in the School, and to ask Mr. Hanson about the list of property belonging to the School which he had promised to draw up, also to inform Mr. Hanson that the Managers wished him to consult them before spending the interest on the children’s savings in the Penny Bank”.

The Reports of the Diocesan Inspectors on the recent Religious Inspection of the Schools were read.

Mr. Hanson wished to, “hold a concert in the School on behalf of Day School Funds. The Managers gave their consent subject to three conditions-

a) Only our own scholars were to take part in the concert
b) The concert must take place in our School
c) A definite statement of outgoings and ingoings to be provided within a month of the giving of the Concert”

It was decided to, “leave over the question of Miss. Burrow’s health until the next meeting …”.

2nd November 1933

The meeting, “started half an hour after the time originally announce, owing to a mistake of the Vicar – the meeting being hurriedly convened. As a result Mr. Churchill could not attend – he having another meeting at 8pm”!

After due consideration, “Miss. WM Thompson was interviewed and appointed a temporary uncertificated teacher …”.

25 January 1934

Decorating – Jones and Jackson’s bill of £57-10-0, “was discussed. It was reported that the work had not been satisfactorily done. The County Architect had apparently passed the work without consulting the Managers …”.

Range – Mr. Willson, “reported Jackson had estimated the repairs to cost £10, and had also quoted for a new range, which may be cheaper than the repair …”.

Articles – Stated by Mr. Hanson, “to have been purchased by him on behalf of the Schools …”.

Penny Bank – Mr. Willson reported that, “the interest for the year had not been expended. Accumulated income amounted to £14. Unclaimed deposits amounted to £17 at 31 Dec. 1933. It was decided to obtain more information as to rules and regulations governing this type of Bank”.

Managers’ Liability Insurance – Mr. Hampson was asked to, “write for full particulars of this new Scheme of inclusive insurance”.

Teachers’ Agreements – A request from the Director of Education, “for completion of fresh agreements by all the teachers was discussed and Mr. Hampson was requested to write the Director reciting particulars of existing agreements with the object of this sufficing”. Miss. Thompson (New Teacher) – The Vicar, “read letters from the Authorities confirming the appointment of Miss. Thompson as a temporary teacher pending verification from Tasmania …”.

School House – “Various defects and remedies were discussed including 1. flooding caused by stopped-up grid, … 2. dampness inside the house from the chimney breast still persisted, … 3. wash house fire …”.

Repairs to Schools- “1. It was decided to renew a flush pipe in the girls’ lavatories. 2. wash house fire (copper boiler) bottom bare needs renewing”.

14th May 1934

Present – The Vicar, and Revd. Warburton, Messrs. Churchill, Gatley, Marriott, Willson and Hampson.

The Vicar, “in opening the meeting, welcomed Mr. Gatley as newly appointed Representative Manager of the Cheshire County Council”.

Matters arising:

1. Decorating – “… As the work had been passed there appeared no effective methods of withholding payment of the account”.
2. Range – Mr. Willson, “had not yet been able to make an appointment with Jones and Jackson”.
3. Mr. Hanson’s list of articles – Mr. Willson, “will produce the list at the next meeting”.
4. Penny Bank – Mr. Willson, “stated that the M/c Savings Bank were of opinion that the accumulated interest could be applied to Schools purposes, but that it would be imprudent to disburse any considerable portion of the amount of unclaimed deposits in view of contingent claims …”.
5. Managers’ Liability Insurance – Mr. Hampson reported that, “the Managers were now fully covered against their liabilities to Teachers, the Caretaker and School Children under the Comprehensive Diocesan Scheme, but not to Members of the Public. It was decided that the cost of the latter be ascertained and if not exceeding 2/6 pa cover should be effected”.
6. Teachers’ Agreements – Full details of the existing agreements, “had been provided to the Director of Education …”.
7. Miss. Thompson’s Emoluments – The Vicar reported, “that these had been satisfactorily arranged”.
8. School House – Mr. Marriott reported that, “the defects referred to had been remedied”.

Mr. Waddington (teacher) – Mr. Marriott mentioned that, “Mr. Waddington having accepted a post as a Head Master, a new teacher would fall to be appointed about the end of June”.

Fire Insurance – Mr. Hampson stated, “… the amount covered in respect of the Schools was £6,000. He was requested to ascertain whether the policy extended to cover the School House and contents of the Schools”.

Temporary Infants Teacher – The Vicar reported that, “he had expressed objection to the appointment by the Local Authorities without consulting the Managers of a temporary infants teacher (in the person of Mrs. Ward). The appointment would terminate at the summer holiday and had been an emergency measure as the maximum number of infants permissible under two teachers had been exceeded …”.

Re-flooring of two Rooms – A letter from the Authorities, “intimated that the above work would be admitted during the coming season … Resolved that specifications be obtained and that tenders be invited from Cordingley, Winstanley, David Jackson and Brooks, in order that the cots be ascertained …”.

Meeting re. Charges for uses of Schools and Services – In view of, “the uncertain income of the Schools, it was resolved that a meeting of representatives of all associated branches of the Church be called to stabilise charges …”.

Treasurer – Mr. Hampson’s desire to, “resign from this office was deferred for the time being, Mr. Hampson intimating that a successor ought to be chosen forthwith”.

County Contribution of St Anne’s – The Vicar announced that, “our contribution had been fixed at 25% (as before) for the coming year. The Caretaker reports every meeting held in the Schools (for which the headmaster countersigns for what reason the Managers cannot understand) it being reported by the Authorities that 216 meetings had been so calculated to have been held in the schools during the past year”.

13th June 1934

Matters arising:

3. Managers’ Liability Insurance - Mr. Hampson, “apologised for having misdirected the last meeting in that he had since ascertained that the Comprehensive Diocesan Scheme did cover the above liability of the Managers”.
4. Mr. Waddington – It was resolved that, “a letter of congratulation … be sent to Mr. Waddington upon completion of his 14 years service at St. Anne’s in taking up a headmastership at St. Mark’s, Preston. He was due to leave St. Anne’s on June 30th. The Vicar reported that many applications had been received for the vacancy …”.
5. Fire Insurance – Particulars of the existing cover were read and, “deemed them reasonable”.
6. Reflooring of the rooms – The following, “tenders had been received: Alfred Cordingley, £19-10-0; JW Winstanley, £23-10-0; David Jackson & Co. £33-12-6. It was resolved that they be sent to the Authorities with a recommendation that A Cordingley’s be accepted”. [Added to the margin in pencil: “The old school new classroom.”]

Fireplaces – Mr. Marriott, “reported that the backs of fireplaces in many cases needed repair”.

Miss. Thompson (teacher) – It was resolved that, “she be allowed 4 days leave of absence for taking her Matriculation Examination …”.

Loan for the Church – Mr. Hampson reported, “that £50 of the £57-10-0 borrowed from the Church had been repaid”.

Rates – Mr Hampson, “had applied for the assessment on the Schools (which was raise in respect of rents received from outside associations) to be discharged as the XX Club was no longer in existence”.

Charge – The meeting, “then discussed the various systems and charges in existence and received evidence from Mrs. Edwards, the caretaker.

Representatives of the following bodies associated with the Church were then interviewed:
Tennis Club
Mothers Meeting
Badminton Club
Young Peoples Union
Girls Club
The Scouts
The Guides
The Brownies
It was resolved that a Questionnaire be sent out to all bodies using the Schools, seeking requisite information …”.

22nd June 1934

Matters arising:

2. Miss Thompson (teacher) – Eight days and not four was the period, “for which leave was granted …”.

Mrs. Edwards’ Employments – “Mrs. Edwards was interviewed and Mr. Hampson agreed to endeavour to formulate a specimen tariff of charges to be paid by the various organisations of the Church based upon extractions from Mrs. Edwards’ diaries together with the replies received per the Questionnaires”.

Mr. Waddington’s successor (male teacher) – It was agreed that, “the Vicar prepare a ‘short list’ …”.

19th July 1934

The Vicar, “read a letter from the local authority recommending acceptance of A Cordingley’s tender of £19-10-0 for re-flooring classrooms E and F …”.

Football Medals and Party – The Vicar, “read a letter from a Mother of one of the boys complaining that the football trams having been promised medals and a teas on their wining the local trophy, had had neither … authorised Mr. Hanson the head teacher to provide the medals, and that had been done. The giving of a tea had been referred to this meeting of the Managers. Considerable discussion upon the attitude of Mr. Hanson in initiating similar events without reference to the Managers, although the Vicar and Mr. Marriott pointed out that on this occasion definite authority in regard to the medals had been given to Mr. Hanson. It was eventually resolved that the cost of the medals £1-8-0 should be met by 10/6d from Accumulated Interest a/c of Savings Bank and by 17/6d collected by Mr. Hanson, also that a tea for the boys be authorised at a cost of £1-5-0 to be met from the above Interest account”.

Savings Bank Interest A/c – With regard to, “the management of the above account, it was decided that Mr. Hanson be invited to the next full meeting of Managers in order that a ruling be enforced in regard thereto”.

Appointment of a male teacher – Numerous applications had been received. It was decided, “that four, to be selected by the Vicar and Revd. Warburton, be interviewed on 25th inst. The four selected to be between 24 and 40, one of them to be a Mr. Naylor”.

Mrs. Edwards Emoluments – Mr. Hampson, “regretted it had not been possible yet to go into this matter”.

Gratrix’s bill for £19-2-0 – Mr. Marriott, “asked had anything been paid to Mr. Gratrix. Mr. Hampson answered no, but would see what could be done”.

25th July 1934

Savings Bank Interest – Mr. Hanson, “was not invited to the present meeting in the absence of the Vicar”.

Gratrix’s bill – It was decided, “that a substantial a payment as possible should e made on account”.

The meeting proceeded to its main business – to interview selected candidates for the position of a male teacher.

“The following were interviewed and questioned:
Messrs. Hassall of Stoke; Hughes of Lancaster; Naylor of Ashton in Makerfield; Dale of Oldham; and Baker of Cheetham

After due consideration it was resolved that, “Messrs Naylor and Baker be referred to the Vicar for his opinion, with a unanimous recommendation in favour of the selection of Mr. Naylor”.

30th August 1934

The main business was to, “consider the application of Mr. William Richard Binks of Glengarry, Curzon Road, Offerton, Stockport for the post of an assistant male teacher as an addition to those applications considered at then last meeting”.

It was eventually resolved, “that Mr. Binks be selected in preference to Mr. Naylor, the Vicar and Mr. Marriott offering to interview the Vicar of Mr. Binks’ Church Schools at Bredbury, as to Mr. Binks generally”.

24th September 1934

Matters arising:

Savings Bank Interest – It was confirmed, “that Mr. Hanson be asked to present at the next meeting …”.

Gratrix’s bill – Mr. Hampson reported, “having paid £10 on account of the £19-2-0 owing”.

Male Teachers Selection – The Vicar, “reported on the interview … with Revd. Reeman, Vicar of Mr. Binks’ Parish Schools, after which it had been decided to prefer Mr. Naylor … Accordingly Mr. Naylor commenced on 1st October 1934”.

Main business:

Charges for the use of Schools – It appeared that, “£14 was in hand and £6 receivable before the end of 1934 … against which outgoings would be £34 in the same period”.

“… The parties being present in the Schools, the following were interviewed

Girl Guides – Miss. Hayman – she would see Miss. Barker (late Captain) as to whether they could afford more.

Brownies – Miss. Hicks – reported their finance very poor. They would aim at giving 10/- per year.

The statement was considered in detail and it was decided to interview representatives of certain societies using the Schools in an effort to obtain increased payments from them. … decided to seek a loan from the Diocesan Church Schools Fund of say £30.

The Revd. Warburton agreed to take over that part of Mr. Hampson’s work covering the collection of subscriptions and donations to the School Funds”.

24th October 1934

Loan – “The Diocesan Schools Fund authorities had be (sic) approached … had implied that a loan of a larger sum that £30 should be applied for. The subjects of Central Heating and renewal of Electrical Installation were considered, an estimate of £28 for overhauling the electrical installation being produced …”.

Cordingley’s Bill £23-9-5 – The County, “intimated that they would restrict their contribution to the contract sum of £19-10-0. It was decided to press for a contribution in respect of the extra work …”.

Schools Inspection – The Vicar reported that, “Canon Pitts had published his usual goof Report on the Schools”.

Charges for Users of Schools - The subject was, “very thoroughly discussed and eventually it was decided to revert to the former system by which Mrs. Edwards received payment for her services direct …”.

Finance generally – It was, “decided to bring the position of the School Funds to the notice of the Church Council at its next meeting and to solicit a loan of £50 for immediate requirements”.

4th January 1935

“… after the Meeting of Trustees, who had interviewed the Headmaster, Mr. Hanson, in connection with the Savings Bank”.

The purpose of the Meeting was to, “appoint a temporary lady teacher for the Mixed School. Numerous applications had been received and Miss. Isobel Appleby, 12 Park Crescent, Victoria Park, who was invited to meet the Managers in view of her qualifications and proximity of residence, was interviewed and eventually appointed … her duties to commence on 7th January 1935”.

A general discussion, “then took place upon reports of the lack of control of the Headmaster as (sic) also poor reports of the educational attainments of the Scholars. On present facts, however, it was regretted the Managers were powerless to remove the Headmaster, but it was felt that vigilance should be exercised in order to collect grounds on which it may be possible to secure his removal”.

7th February 1935

Matters arising:

Heating – The County, “being only willing to contribute 75% of repairs, it was decided to ask Mr, Brown (the County Architect) to inspect”.

Main issues:

Miss. Appleby (new Teacher) – The Vicar offered to, “see Miss. Irlam (HM Inspector) as to Miss. Appleby’s progress and it was decided that should the Vicar be satisfied, then this meeting confirms her appointment. It was also decided that Miss. Irlam’s opinion of Mr. Naylor’s control over the boys be obtained”.

Funds – A suggestion that, “a meeting of parents of Scholars, for financial help, be convened, was not supported.

Mr. Hanson was to be asked to obtain Police sanction before showing slides or picture in the Schools, which he had suggested as helping the funds.

The Male Voice Choir was to give a Concert in lieu of rent … a pamphlet stressing the financial plight of the School be issued to parents …”. Closing of Schools – The Vicar would, “apply for authority to close the Schools for one half day on Feby. 27th the occasion of the Parochial Tea Party”.

Piano – Reg Watson reported, “that hammers were smashed and piano had been badly used. A new lock and keys had been fitted. The County would not bear the cost of the repairs …”.

Temporary Teacher – Miss. Burrows, “having written to Mr. Hanson that owing to heart trouble she was unable to come to School for a week we to (sic) defer appointment”.

Medical Inspection of Scholars – The Vicar, “read a letter from the Medical Officer advising his intention of inspecting certain children”.

Diptheria (sic) Immunisation – In reply to Mr. Churchill, “the Vicar stated that no notification from the local authorities had been received”.

15th May 1935

Teachers – The Vicar, “stated that Miss. Irlam’s opinion of the teachers Miss. Appleby and Thompson – good, Mr. Naylor – not a good opinion. Miss. Shorrocks is to resign in September on pension. Miss. Burrows was still away. A Miss. Cooper having been appointed temporarily by Mr. Taylor on application of Mr. Hanson, the Vicar had protested to Mr. Hanson in not approaching a trustee in the Vicar’s absence beforehand”.

Jubilee Celebrations – A letter, “irregularly addressed to the Headmaster from the Town Hall announcing distribution of mugs and the Chairman of the UD Council’s visit to the School was read. The Managers had had no intimation direct and regretted this incident”.

Miss. Appleby – Her appointment by the Vicar as a teacher, “was confirmed”.

Hymn and Prayer Books and Bibles – Needed in the Schools. “Mr. Hanson had put in a requisition, “for Bibles and Hymn Books. The Vicar mentioned a scheme for free books announced in the Diocesan Gazette recently”.

Religious Inspection of Scholars – Canon Pitts, “will make his inspection on June 28th”.

Mr. Naylor (Male teacher) – The Vicar reported, “that Mr. Naylor had, by letter, resigned his post but next day had personally withdrawn his resignation. This action was criticised by the meeting and the Vicar would see Mr. Naylor”.

New Schools and Classification of St Anne’s – The Vicar, “drew attention to the serious problem which we may have to face with the introduction of new schools and possible classification of St. Anne’s as an (sic) Junior School. The subject was sufficiently important to merit a special meeting”.

Mrs. Edwards’ Charges – Her charges in regard to refreshments as distinct from preparation of rooms, “was thought a matter fit to be left to arrangements between the parties concerned …”.