Stained Glass Windows in Chancel

North Wall of the Nave …
Representations of “The Sower and the Reaper” and “Suffer little Children to come unto me”.

South side of the east wall of the nave ...
A figure of “The Good Shepherd”.

Introduction of Cross and Shelf

Introduction of a Cross of wood, known as a Flanders Cross (on the East Wall of the Chancel, above the Vestry door) and, to the wall beneath, a Cross a shelf of oak.

Citations, Faculties and Archdeacon's Certificates

For Memorial Tablet (Edward Yates)
Citation: 25 May 1916

 “… to affix to the west wall of the north transept … between the door and the archway separating the North Transept form the North Aisle a Tablet of White Memorial bearing a Memorial Inscription ….”

“… said Tablet is intended as a Memorial of Edward Yates deceased for thirty seven years Head Master of the Schools in the said new parish and for over Fifty years a member of the choir …”.

Tablet approved at Vestry Meeting, 5 May 1916
Faculty: 5 June 1916 (No. 160)

Stained Glass Windows and Churchyard Cross
Citation: 13 August 1919

“… take out the plain glass from the two two-light windows being the first and second windows in the North Wall of the nave … and from the single light window in the south side of the east wall of the nave … and to insert in lieu thereof Stained Glass containing in the first window a representation of “The Sower and the Reaper” in the second a representation of the Text “Suffer little Children to come unto me” and in the third window a figure of “The Good Shepherd”. Also to erect in the Churchyard … near to the North-East Entrance a Cross of Stone bearing a Memorial Inscription … the proposed stained glass windows are intended as a Memorial of the Reverend John Patchett Cork Clerk Master of Arts deceased Vicar … from one thousand eight hundred and eighty-four to one thousand and seventeen and cross … to be erected as a record and memorial of the men connected with the said church who have fallen during the recent War …”.

Approved at Vestry Meeting, 25 April 1919
Faculty: (No. 389)

For Erection of a Memorial Tablet (SJ Tennant and HE Tennant)
Faculty: 13 Jan, 1920 (No. 451)

“.. to erect … on the North Wall of the Chancel between the first and second windows counting from the east a Tablet of Brass bearing a Memorial Inscription … intended to be erected as a memorial of Stephen Joseph Tennant and of Harriet Elizabeth Tennant his wife both deceased for over thirty years worshippers at the said church …”.

Erection of Brass Tablet in Pulpit
Faculty: 20 July, 1925 (No. 907)

 “… a Tablet of Brass Bearing the Inscription “Sir, we would see Jesus” hath been affixed to the pulpit … and it is desired that the same may be allowed and confirmed …”.

Approved: PCC, 15 June 1920
Paid for by Arthur Blakely Turner

Introduction of Cross and Shelf
Faculty: 26 February 1934 (No. 1424)

 “… introduce … a Cross of wood known as a Flanders Cross and to place the same on the East Wall of the Chancel above the Vestry door. Also to affix to the wall beneath the said Cross a shelf of oak …”.

Approved: PCC, 5 January, 1934
Gift of British Legion
Shelf: Cost – Mrs Nelson of “Thorn Lea”, Wardle Road, Sale

For Interring the Urn Containing the Cremated Remains of Late Vicar in Floor of Church, Erection of Memorial Tablet, Introduction of Processional Cross, and Extension of Communion Table Plinth
Citation: 23 February 1938 (No. 201)

“… inter in the floor … at the West an Urn containing the cremated ashes of the Reverend Henry Alexander Wahltuch Clerk Licentiate in Theology deceased, Vicar … from one thousand nine hundred and thirty-one to the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty six. To place on the west wall of the said church near to the Font a tablet of bronze bearing a Memorial Inscription. To introduce … a Cross of Brass known as a Processional Cross bearing a Memorial Inscription. And to extend the existing plinth on which the Communion Table stands … by nine inches on three sides”.

For New Cross on Communion Table and Repair of Spire
Faculty: 7 June, 1940 (No. 333)

“… remove the existing gilded wooden Cross from the Communion Table … and to introduce … a Cross of Brass bearing a Memorial Inscription. Also to take down and rebuild approximately 20 feet of the Spire …”.

Cross: Memorial to Florence Mary Lowe (Cost: Miss Lowe, of “Greenheys”, Albert Road, Sale (proposed to destroy the existing wooden cross by fire).

“… Spire in its present condition is dangerous …”.

Approved: PCC, 24 May 1940

Introduction of Electronic Organ
Citation: 22 February 1956 (No. 300)

 “… existing organ … is worn out and it is desired to remove … and to introduce … a new Electronic Organ To build up the arches of the Organ Chamber Also to introduce into the said Church three loudspeakers …”.

Approved: PCC, 17 August 1956

Alterations to the West Porch
Faculty: 29 April 1961 (No. 577)

“… to provide a baptistry …”.

Plan: October, 1960 – Oakely and Sauville, Chartered Architects, 60 King Street, Manchester 2
Coat of Arms (existing) – moved to front of new timber work.

Re-arrangement of Certain Pews
Citation: 23 November 1969 (No. 49/69)

“… to rearrange certain of the pews at the east end of the Nave … which will result in the loss of pews for six sittings, and the make good the floor area …”.

Faculty: 9 December 1969

Aumbry and Lamp
Citation: 15 March 1972 (No. 11/72)

“… an Aumbry for the Reservation of the Blessed Sacrament and to place this in the north wall of the Sacrarium together with a light to be placed close by …”.

Faculty: 24 June 1972

Electric Tubular Heaters in Chancel Pews
Archdeacon’s Certificate: 7 December 1970 (No. 492)

Formation of Cupboard to Cover in the Electrical Switch Gear and Meters
Archdeacon’s Certificate: 7 April 1972 (No. 542)

Introduction of Candle Stand into Baptistry
Citation: 31 May 1973 (No. 32/73)

“… bearing a memorial inscription …”

“… as a memorial of Frank E Godber deceased …”.

Faculty: 2 July 1973

Removal of Electronic Organ and Certain Pews and for the Introduction of Pipe Organ
Faculty: 24 July 1979 (No. 33/79)

Schedule: “… the introduction into the Parish Churdh of a re-built pipe Organ to be sited in the North Transept and in connection with this, to remove the existing Electronic Organ and certain pews amounting to approximately fifty sittings …”.

Major Scheme of Alteration, Re-arrangement, etc. within the Parish Church
Citation: 1 February 1982 (No. 6/82)

“…a major scheme of alteration and re-arrangement within the Parish Church including rewiring, re-lighting and decoration works as outlined …”.

Citation: 16 August 1982 (No. 6/82)
“This citation is in substitution of a citation dated 1 February 1982”.

For Removal of Certain Pews, for Re-wiring and Re-lighting and for Interior Decoration Scheme
Faculty: 29 September 1982 (No. 6/82)

“… the removal of certain limited seating from the front of the Nave, the re-wiring and re-lighting of the church and the interior decoration thereof …”.