St Anne’s Church, Sale

Expended: £4,614-17-10

Receipts: £4,649-7-6

Balance: £34-9-8


Erection of a New Organ, etc.

Income: £409-9-3

Expenditure: £409-9-3 (includes a Balance of £3-1-0)




Information extracted from the ‘Minute Book’ for St Anne’s Church, Sale Moor (Purchased 13 July 1854 (No. 1547, Jesse Broad & Co., Market St., Manchester).


St Anne’s Church, Sale

(Taken from the 'General Summary' of Accounts, Dated 9th June 1857)


The Fabric: £2,539-11-7
Church yard, Fence, etc.: £113-8-4
Heating Apparatus, etc.: £77-18-8
Bell and Framework, etc.: £107-5-2
Architects Commission, Plans: £154-3-6
Plate, Coins, etc.: £30-5-1
Furniture, Tablets, etc.: £134-5-4
Books, Stationery and Printing: £40-2-4
Sundries: £91-18-9
Endowment and Repair Fund: £1,200-0-0
Legal and Ecclesiastical Expenses: £125-1-1

TOTAL: £4,614-17-10


Subscription: £4,222-12-10
Collections at opening: £180-0-0
Collections at consecration: £115-6-7
Interest: £131-8-1

TOTAL: £4,649-7-6

Balance: £34-9-8



Erection of a New Organ, etc.

(Taken from the 'General Summary' of Accounts)


Subscription: £336-10-6
Balance from Bldg Committee: £34-9-8
Collection at opening: £38-9-1

TOTAL: £409-9-3


Messrs Gray & Davison of London for the Organ: £262-2-0
Purchase of harmonium: £21-0-0 (used in church since opening and bought for Sunday School)

TOTAL: £409-9-3 (includes a Balance of £3-1-0)


Enlargement of the Church

(Taken from 'Accounts', Dated 20th September 1860)


Donations: £480-5-0
Collections: £75-0-10
Tea Party: £1-15-3
Balance due to ’Wardens: £41-9-5 (Debt)

TOTAL: £598-10-6


TOTAL: £598-10-6 (includes stonework contractors, staining, boilers, cisterns, bosses, etc.)



In the County of Chester.

We have great pleasure to inform you that our duties as Treasurers are brought to a close and we now send you a list of the Benefactors, together with an account, of all our Receipts and Disbursements.

For the information of distant Subscribers, and others not acquainted with the facts, we beg to state briefly what has been accomplished by your bounty and assistance. All the necessary funds have been raised by private and voluntary Benefactions. A handsome stone Church has been erected and supplied with the necessary furniture. The Church contains 617 sittings, one third of which are free: it is endowed with two well-secured rent charges, producing £40 1s. 0d. per annum : the sum of £200 has been invested in the purchase of a rent charge of £8 6s. 10d. per annum, which is to be applied solely for repairs. The Church was Consecrated on the 7th of November, 1856, and all the pews are let. The total yearly income arising from the endowment and pew rents amount to £383 3s. 0d.; out of this sum the Churchwardens are to be paid £50 a year for ordinary expenses, which leaves a clear yearly income for the Incumbent of £335 3s. 0d. All claims and demands against the Building Committee have been discharged, and there is a small balance of £34 9s. 8d. in our hands, which is intended to be paid to the Wardens.

The promoters of the undertaking have, we think, every reason to be pleased and gratified, inasmuch as they have obtained that which they earnestly desired, and have succeeded in all they undertook to perform.

We trust that you will all be satisfied with the manner in which your money has been expended; we think that all due care and economy has been exercised, and that there has not been any waste, or unnecessary expenditure.

As a last duty, we thank you sincerely for your voluntary and most liberal subscriptions, and beg to subscribe ourselves.

Your obliged and humble Servants,


Sale, June 9th, 1857.